With the competition enhancing in ever field and sector, it becomes important for all the heads of the company to brainstorm and incubate innovative measures to be the world leader. The competitive environment is also seen in the telecom sector. Here, the mobile service providers have to find out innovative measures to lure their current and prospective customers.

With the increasing number of the mobile service providers, each one has to find ways to have their own standing in the field. It’s actually quite difficult, as every provider try to outdo the other. They plan to offer the best deals at lucrative prices, with additional facilities. Some try to survey the mobile users about their likings and their requirements. But, the survey costs huge and the sample size is comparatively very small. So, the results are somewhat flawed. This does not help the mobile service providers in the long run. So, the best way in all is data manager and track data usage.

With this, the mobile operators will get to know about the preferences and interests of the mobile users. They can analyse and study how their data is used, whether in internet, roaming, 3G or other uses. This will greatly help the mobile operators to formulate their strategies and develop innovative offerings for the mobile subscribers. When the mobile users will come face to face with the new technology which offers better services and advanced output, they will instantly switch their loyalty and try the new and better one.

Now-a-days mobile networks are also expanding at a very rapid rate. There are varied reasons of it. All across the globe, the number of mobile subscribers are on a rise. Some of the countries even show 100 per cent penetration. Also because of the rage of the smartphones, the number of mobile subscribers who use mobile broadband data is significantly increasing. Thus, the amount of data traffic per subscriber is also enhancing. To tackle the issue mobile network optimization becomes vital.

The mobile operators are trying their best to tackle the issue through up- gradation of their network infrastructure. They are replacing the existing infrastructure with developed ones and adding supportive multiple technologies. They also devise plans to make the future network more flexible. For mobile network optimization the operators are choosing the best technologies and using data manager and tracking data usage to know more about the customers’ preferences. With more information at their fingertips, the mobile operators can add wings to their offerings!

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