The testis is a male organ, which plays a vital role in male reproductive function. If testis has problems, it will significantly impact the male reproductive system and body status. There are abundant blood vessels and tissues in the testis, which are vulnerable to external invasion and inflammation, orchitis.

What are the causes of orchitis?

1. Bacterial infection

The invasion of pathogenic bacteria is one of the leading causes of orchitis. The common ones are Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, etc. When these bacteria invade the urinary system, causing related urinary system inflammation, and continue to develop, they will lead to orchitis from the vas deferens or lymphatic system.

2. Decreased immunity

When the body's immunity decreases, the local resistance to external stimulation will also decrease, so orchitis often appears in mumps and tonsillitis symptoms. In systemic infection, viruses and bacteria quickly invade the testis through the circulatory system to cause orchitis. If the self immunity is also low, the probability of suffering from orchitis will increase significantly.

3. Acute attack

Orchitis usually evolves into a chronic inflammatory disease. Due to various reasons, the symptoms of orchitis have not been thoroughly treated. And due to the acute attack of other conditions, the focus always exists, and the orchitis will occur repeatedly. Under the long-term influence, it becomes chronic orchitis.

How to keep away from orchitis?

1. Keep clean and hygienic

Useful hygiene measures can effectively prevent orchitis caused by unclean factors or infection, and it is a way to protect the testis from the root. In daily life, boys generally don't clean their genitals every day, so it's easy to have a bacterial infection. They can slightly increase the number of times to clean the private parts to ensure no massive breeding of bacteria.

2. Avoid premature sex life

According to a 2012 study looking at participants in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, sexual debut (first sexual experience) is classified as "early" if it occurs before age 15.

Research consistently shows that adolescents who have a sexual debut before age 15 are less likely to use contraception than those who debut in the normative or late groups. They are also more likely to have a history of substance abuse and emotional problems. Therefore, prematurely sex life is easy to damage the reproductive organs, cause local dysfunction, and have a particular impact on the testis.

3. Avoid overindulgence

A proper sexual life is beneficial, which can delight the body and mind and adjust the body state. However, frequent and long-time sexual life will cause the decline of sexual function because of the long-term congestion of the genitals. In severe cases, it can also cause infection and inflammation because of the reduction of resistance. In addition to orchitis, it is also easy to lead to prostatitis, infertility, and other diseases.

4. Keep the loose and comfortable clothing close to the body
The comfort level of genital clothing is essential. Loose and comfortable clothing can avoid the continuous burden on the local area and keep cool when overheated in summer. In terms of pathogenic factors, loose clothing can avoid local humidity, inhibit bacteria growth and help men maintain long-term health.

At present, there are many treatments for orchitis. Acute orchitis requires bed rest to minimize the pressure on the penis. Simultaneously, men also need to consider giving antibiotic infusion treatment, and some patients need to do drug sensitivity monitoring before choosing drugs. If it is chronic orchitis, men can also select the broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat. But orchitis is also easy to relapse again, so the choice of herbal medicine treatment may be better, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate the symptoms and the cause to avoid recurrence.

During the treatment, men must pay attention to health.
Usually, as long as men take timely treatment of orchitis, it will not cause a considerable impact. But patients need to be examined and treated as soon as possible.

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