What is it that makes a toy more popular than others? Think about all that goes into making the perfect toy for the kids of today. I assume a toy maker starts by jotting down new ideas. If I were a toymaker I would look for the new shows coming out. What is going to be the new and rising cartoon? What is or was the most popular comic book? I think the hardest part would be finding a toy that is not already invented or already being invented. But what is it that actually attracts a child to a toy is what I want to know. Is it the size or the color or the texture? Or is the level of attraction because of the commercial the toy was advertised in? I suppose it all goes hand and hand. Just look at the immediate popularity of toys from hit TV shows or movies. If you don’t know what to get a child for their birthday but you know they love Batman, you’re probably going to buy them a Batman toy. TV shows can do wonders for toy sales.

It’s funny to look at the different way toys are promoted if it’s a boy versus if it’s a girl. Look at the action filled commercials a boy’s toy would be set in. A girl’s toy commercial has some uppity song and shows the audience all the different ways you can change your dolls hair color or clothes. Do you think there are gender specific toy makers?


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