When it comes to choosing campervans, people all over the world would look for one thing - space, space and space, and very rightly so! Things are no different in Perth. When it comes to picking up campervans, Toyota Landcruiser are the number uno choice. But why so? Let us get into some in-depth discussion.

Robustness That Counts

What is expected of a bloke with a knack of going around in a campervan? Do you expect the soul to go for a long drive only? Certainly not! For a fan of campervans in or around Perth, a night out in the Walyunga National Park, or spending a day or two in the Lane Poole Reserve are some enticing options. Those with a knack of fishing can retire on a leisure weekend in the Waroona Dam or might venture into the heart of the Belvidere woods. Then they have the honeymoon Pool and the Wellington Dam to opt for.

So you see, there is no shortage of sweet spots when it comes to camping out for a night or two in and around Perth. And choosing a campervan like Toyota Landcruiser is THE BEST step forward for ‘these camping freaks'.



With a robust body and space aplenty, it is every camper's dream vehicle. This is the reason, it is one of the hottest campervans for sale in Perth in terms of popularity.

The USP That People Are Fond of

The first and foremost feature of this van is its height. It couples up with the biggish and stout looking wheels that keep the vehicle and its chassis steady and upright, even when you are driving through the most inhospitable terrains. Hence, if you are not driving on the Martian surface, Toyota Landcruiser IS the right vehicle. The term, ‘Aussie Trooper' indeed goes for the vehicle. Credit goes to its powerful auxiliary battery system, which gives uninterrupted power supply in the remotest of places.

Indeed, the most important feature of this vehicle is that it will take you to literally everywhere without the fear of a broken axle, a ruptured chasis or flat tyres.

Aesthetically, it is pleasing as well. For instance, it has a high, elevated roof - a pop-top one to be exact, with three large windows for a better outside view. It also makes sure that you can spend hours inside without feeling claustrophobic.

The roof has PVC foam core insulation, and it makes it one of the toughest and the most perfectly insulated. So spending night outs is never a challenge.

The Front runner rail and load bars add some extra safety and security. It also helps to install those expedition baskets and the surfboard racks, should anyone plan to go surfing.

The Space Quotient...

It comes with a removable 45 ltr domestic refrigerator and a slide-out external kitchen. Then there is a foldable picnic table attached to the rear swing door. None of them eats up any extra space. All of these collectively contribute to the space-saving quotient and make cooking as seamless as it can be.

Admittedly, this adds to the score to make it one of the most liked and sought-after campervans for camping in Perth. Then, you have a large bench seat that can store things for your short stints away from home. Most importantly, it can be pulled out into a large double bed.

What else do you need for a perfect adventure?

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