This is a known fact; we enter into marriage with high hopes and expectations of building and enjoying a sweet and evergreen/happy marriage. But today, many are seeing the direct opposite of their expectation in their marriages.

Today many marriages are in crises, some are ending in divorce while a greater numbers married men and women are enduring their marriages instead of enjoying it. Most of these marriages that failed started on a sound note while as others are the result of their poor foundation.

The gospel truth is that many couples are beclouded with ignorance, not knowing what to do to run a successful/happy marriage. Some are doing in their marriage what they ought not to be doing while failing to do what they supposed to be doing. They fail to realize that what is obtained in their marriages is the result of what they put in such marriages.

That is to say, your marriage is as good (sweet) or bad as you make it. Yes, marriage is like a garden, those who took a time to attend or water(nurture) their garden, you see such garden blossoming and always evergreen while as those who fails to attend to their garden, such garden is overgrown with weeds.

For you to enjoy a strong and healthy marriage relationship, you must build your marriage on a strong foundation. Any building that is built on a faulty foundation, such building may surely collapse in the near future. The same is true of marriages that are built on faulty foundations.

Some of what are used to lay strong marriage foundations are as follows:

Love: Marriages that are built on the foundation of love, such marriage hardly survive. You must lay the foundation of your marriage on strong love for each other and equally build upon that foundation with love. That is, you must ensure that the love is growing and never allow it to dry up. So to what extent do you love your spouse?

Trust: For you to enjoy your marriage and spouse to the fullness, you must lay the foundation of your marriage on strong trust for each other. Marriages in which trust is lacking, the couple will start to suspect each other for nothing. This trust, you must endeavor not to betray this trust as betrayal can be devastating to your spouse. So to what extent do you trust each other?

Commitment: The level you enjoy your marriage is determined by the level to which you are committed to your marriage. This is because it is your commitment that influences your actions. It is a lack of commitment that makes couples do things without minding how it affects their spouse. If you are committed to your marriage, you will not do things that could make your spouse feel hurt.

Having laid a strong marriage foundation, there are certain things you need to be doing and things you should avoid doing if you wish to enjoy a happier marriage. In the first instance, you should have at the back of your mind that you are the one who hold the key for the success of your marriage. That is why you are the one who determine if your marriage fails or not, whether you are to enjoy your marriage or not.

Marriages that are in crises, you will observe that the couple most a time do accuse each other or point accusing fingers on their spouses as the cause of the crises. They accuse their spouses of doing that or not doing that, expecting that their spouses to change. The gospel truth is that when you change, you will see that your spouse automatically changes. It is your actions that most a time influences the actions of your spouse.

Again, you must never take your spouse for granted. Most a time, it is taking our spouses for granted that make us do things with reckless abandon. Men who took their wives for granted don’t bother to take good care of them; they don’t bother about their feeling and welfare.

Also, it is taking your spouse for granted that made a couple not to bother about taking care of the sexual needs of their spouse. Do you satisfy the sexual needs of your spouse without any condition attached? Some women are mostly guilty; they use withholding sex from their husbands as a punishment or as a bargaining chip to force their husbands to do their bidding.

Finally, you should have a positive attitude of seeing that your spouse is happy and fulfilled all the time. This is a fact you should realize, once you succeed to make your spouse be happy and fulfilled, you will end up being happy and fulfilled yourself. While as you will never be happy and fulfilled if your partner is not happy.

In concussion, I wish to ask, to what extent is your marriage relationship healthy? Are you happy and fulfilled in your marriage? Are you enjoying your marriage to the fullest? You can move from being happy to building a happier marriage if you implement the above suggestions. Shalom.

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Hi!, my name is Ugwu Vincent, peers call me Vinco. Today, people have come to know and call me by the name ‘Princevinco’, a username I used some time ago in a forum. Princevinco is a Chartered Accountant by Profession but ventured into blogging to be sharing the articles GOD is inspiring me to write on the net.

I wish that you know something, "the level of your commitment to your spouse and marriage determines the level in which you enjoy your marriage". Also, "your marriage is as good or bad as the way you make it". You may read more interesting and educative articles by visiting . Shalom.