If you ever needed your vehicle transported to a different location, or if your vehicle just stopped working in the middle of the road, then you can call an emergency road service to send a tow truck to pick you up. Towing is also frequently used for personal transportation of your vehicle from a place to another. For such a task, you should hire a professional towing company to do the work. In the next lines we will cover the uses of the tow truck and also tips and advices about choosing a proper and trustworthy tow truck service.

The small history of the tow truck begins back in the 1916’s when Ernest John invented the first tow truck. Now tow trucks are used every single day in case of car breakdowns or accidents such as road collisions but also for personal use such as transporting one’s vehicle.
There are several variations of the tow truck, commonly used in every day towing.

The most common tow truck type is the flat bed. The flat bed features a flat ground bed which can be inclined at a high enough angle to reach the ground in order for the car to drive onto it. A winch can be used as well if the car can’t be operated or unable to drive onto the bed.
The boom truck is a tow truck which features an adjustable boom winch, used to recover vehicles which have fallen in a ditch or other types of places regular tow trucks can’t reach.
Another type of tow truck is the tow truck featuring a hook and chains which are placed around the frame of the vehicle. A boom winch is used to keep all chains together. These types of vehicles are used too much these days since they can scratch the bumpers of the cars but they are used in special cases such as cars featuring a steel bumpers or in accidents where cars suffered damage losing more than one tire.

Another technology evolved from the hook and chain model, creating the wheel-lift tow truck. A metal piece is placed under the front or rear wheels of the vehicle to be towed and it raises it above the ground level in order for it to be towed.

Integrating the boom truck technology with the wheel-lift truck into one design resulted in the appearance of the integrated tow truck, often referred as the self loader. The self-loader truck is often used for picking-up illegally parked cars.

Tow trucks are mostly used in private businesses and by transportation providing companies since they provide excellent quality car towing and nationwide towing. If you are going to have your car towed and transported to a specific location, it is of vital importance to choose the towing company very carefully since accidents can happen if the driver or equipment is not proper enough. Ask around for quotes, feedback and reviews about the authority services the company provides before actually contacting them. If you require a tire repair in the middle of the road, ask the company how long its going to take for them to get to you. You should talk to the company you hired about what type of tow truck is best suit to transport your car.

Tow Trucks are especially used in Australia and you can find many sales in the areas of Sydney, Perth and Queensland.

Tow trucks have always played a vital role in the industry of car transportation, having many variations and newer models appearing every day.

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