Tours in Brunei: 100% customizable ideas
Let's go for a circuit in Brunei far from the marked trails practiced by hordes of tourists. We begin our visit with Bandar Seri Begawan, its many museums, its Hassanal Bolkian mosque, but also its water village, entirely built on stilts

Why travel to Brunei?
Brunei, an unknown sultanate home to the second richest monarch in the world. Often the object of a stopover during a trip to Malaysia or Singapore, a stay in Brunei nevertheless allows you to discover a fascinating mixture of Chinese and Malaysian cultures resulting in a varied, delicate and inexpensive gastronomy.

In Brunei, you quickly pass from the dense and green jungle of Borneo, located just on the edge of the city
Prepare your trip to Brunei well
Brunei is rarely the subject of a full-fledged trip but most often represents a stopover.

This little-known but no less interesting little sultanate is so little visited that it can be difficult to prepare for your stay. For a successful stay in Brunei , offers a practical guide containing all the information necessary for a smooth stay.

How long is it possible to stay in the territory without a visa? What is the local currency and what is it worth? What food and accommodation budget should be provided? What are the most popular crafts? Make your trip to Brunei easier by consulting our practical guide and answering all your questions!

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