A European country established within magnificent mountains, Switzerland is known for its beautiful villages, lakes, and the awe-inspiring range of Alps. The Swiss cities have quarters constructed in the medieval age and are famous for the landmarks such as the clock tower Zytglogge in Bern and wooden chapel of Lucerne. The capital city Bern has been established alongside the Aare river. This city was founded back in the 12th century and its architecture of medieval age is still preserved, which can be witnessed in Bern’s Old city, Altstadt.

The blend of picturesque sceneries formed by serene valleys, historical factors that can be easily seen in the cities, and bustling city life makes Switzerland an ultimate tourist destination. The tourism industry apparently plays a significant role in the Alpine areas that are not industrialised enough. Switzerland is considered to be one of the best destinations especially by Indians, thanks to Yash Raj films. Whether you’re going for a family vacation or honeymoon, considering Switzerland tour packages for holiday will only make things better and more convenient.

Switzerland gives you a lot of reasons to make a visit here. Needless to say, these reasons include amazing cities that can make your vacay memorable with their uniqueness. Some of the prominent places in Switzerland are mentioned below!

9 Best Destinations in Switzerland for Romantic Honeymoon

1. Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

Chillon Castle is situated right in the heart of Swiss Riviera, on the Lake Geneva banks. This is actually a fortress which was built in the Medieval age and stands as tall as ever. Facing the lake, this is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The scenic views right in front of the castle makes the whole experience worthwhile.

2. Matterhorn, Zermatt

This mountain in the Zermatt region is apparently the most photographed one in the world. It is therefore considered to be the most popular peak of the Alps and needless to say, counted amongst the top tourist attractions in Switzerland. 4478 metres high, people use cable cars to reach this summit.

3. The Jungfrau Region

Situated in Bernese Oberland, this region has taken its name from the mountain Jungfrau. Jungfrau means virgin and the mountain is given that name because of its pure and original beauty. This is a wonderland in the Alps where adventure and peace seekers keep flocking.

4. Swiss National Park

Your visit to Switzerland will remain incomplete if you haven’t witnessed the naturally gifted Swiss National Park. The park is located in the Western Rhaetian Alps that lie in the eastern side of Switzerland. Lying in the middle of Scuol, S-chanf, Zernez, and Fuorn Pass, this national park is a part of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the world.

5. Lugano

This Swiss city is located in the southern region of Switzerland and is a part of Ticino region. This region in Switzerland is said to be a home to the Italian-speaking people, as the country Italy shares the same border in the south. This area receives the warmth of Mediterranean air. This place is known for its various museums as well as heritage sites.

6. Bern

As mentioned above, Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is full of medieval vibes as reflected by the architecture of various prominent buildings. This place is the perfect amalgamation of heritage sites and a neverending city life. The Old City, Altstadt has been enlisted under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The historical aspects in this capital city have been appropriately preserved, becoming the most interesting place for tourists from around the world.

7. Lucerne

This is a city of lakes located in Switzerland's heart which is just like a standard modern town but with a beautiful mountainous backdrop. Bridges, towers, and churches make this city one of the best tourist attractions. The presence of Lake Lucerne is enough to make this town pleasure inducing for the beholders.

8. The Rhine Falls

This is the largest fall in Europe which possesses an enchanting picturesqueness. Located in the north of Switzerland, near Schaffhausen, these falls are 150 metres wide. There are various decks available here that will bring you close to these falls, helping you relish its beauty at close proximity. On 1st August (Swiss National Day), breathtaking fireworks are displayed - magnetic sites for the tourists!

9. Zurich

Zurich is popularly known to be the cultural centre of Switzerland. This place is popular for its nightlife and therefore visited by many tourists for the same reason. This city is also famous for hosting Street Parade, which is attended by people from all over the world and is a mega event that takes place every year.

There’s a large number of places one can visit when exploring the European country of Switzerland. Being a home to various natural wonders, Switzerland is frequented by the newlyweds for a memorable honeymoon. Make your every trip to this land hassle-free by taking up one of the most suitable Switzerland tour packages for holiday.

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