There is no doubt that HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN are the way to go when it comes to visiting some of Spain's greatest monuments. The real will of the rich heritage of Spain and culture can be attributed to the sprawling beaches, the Alhambra, fine wines, art and architecture. Spain is said to have a living culture that really knows how to celebrate life. Although modernity has been widely adopted by all cities in Spain, the country has really preserved the importance of history and you will be able to swim in it by taking a look at the country’s historical monuments, representing a convincing and profound legacy.

Also known as the Red Fort, the Alhambra is the pride of Spain. The fortress is one of the most outstanding pieces of architecture and Arabic/Islamic influence in the region of Andalucia and Spain. The city is full of confusing white buildings and alleyways but the architecture of the Alhambra is beyond definition. The structure of the ancient building dates from somewhere in the ninth century. Although the walls of the fortress have been restored somewhere around the 14th century by Yusuf I and Mohammed V, the oldest parts of the structure can still be seen and appreciated. The fortress has a large palace that contains innumerable fountains and patios. Also check out the arches and carved walls. The Moorish architecture of this fort is known to have captivated a generation of travellers.

The Great Mosque of Cordoba is also known as Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion. You can explore this ancient mosque if you visit Cordoba. The construction of the mosque was made in ancient times, somewhere around the 8th century. The mosque was built under the rule of Abd al-Rahman I who fled to Syria after the massacre of his family. The design of this historic building is a rectangle in the prayer room, garden and tunnels that are similar to the Abbasid and Umayyad mosques in Iraq and Syria. The mosque is known for lavish and complex detail, especially the maqsura, a private prayer room that was used by the sovereign. 300 years after the mosque was built, Ferdinand III ordered this mosque to be converted into a cathedral. This national monument is a must visit attraction and you should see it.

The Caruna Harbour is home to many monuments in Spain and reflects the heritage of Ancient Rome in Spain. The Tower of Hercules is the main attraction here and was built in the first century AD and then known as Brigantium Farum. Updated during the 18th century, this tower is the only remaining functioning Roman lighthouse. Notice of the Tower as a national monument has lead to some of the most important conservation efforts. Spain is so full of monuments that HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN are definitely the best way to see them. Spend a week in one area then come back next year and do the same in another area.

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