Tailored approach to meet changing needs of the medical products industry

A new service is helping clients in the field of medical products reach valuable new markets throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Torch Medical Services draw on their extensive professional expertise to provide a tailored range of services designed to meet the unique needs of this evolving sector.

The team at Torch Medical Services offer superior sales and marketing assistance where it is most needed, with a keen understanding of the challenges their clients face in getting their products to market. They are on hand every step of the way, helping clients connect with those who will reap the benefits of their unique products and services, and enabling medical products companies to present their offering in the best possible light.

With years of experience in the medical products sector, Torch MedicalServices help companies cut unwanted expense by providing reliable, highly-skilled external assistance without the need to hire internal staff. The company works closely with each client to help capture their unique identity and ethos, researching markets to assess where best their activities can be placed while gaining a closer understanding of the competitive environment which surrounds them. Never losing sight of the product they are marketing, clarity and consistency of communication are the cornerstone of their work, ensuring all applicable stakeholders are kept informed of the progress of each project from day-to-day.

Torch Medical Services CEO Alan Walton is dedicated to ensuring each client is treated as the individual they are, and their company given the best start at targeting new markets. “Companies of all sizes, whether medium-sized manufacturers or larger medical distributors, can benefit from our unique approach,” says Walton, adding, “This is the dream solution for a project manager with a limited budget.” We can even help you with regulatory support with the leading regulatory experts in the UK who offer their services as an adjunct to our one-stop service.

The process of becoming a client is simple, straightforward and thorough – after filling in a questionnaire, the Torch Medical Services team will then assess company needs and make recommendations, alongside an affordable monthly fee.

For a medical product inventor this is the ultimate service!

Benefitting from an extensive distributor network across the world and the skills and know-how to help generate new business, Torch Medical Services are the discerning choice for ensuring the successful entry to new markets.

Find out more about the service at www.torchmedicalservices.co.uk & https://youtu.be/kxBdGxMkA48

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