The biggest mystery in the world of website content writing is how the ranking system works in Google. A close look at the different blogs and websites hosted by Google will give you a fair picture of how the system works. In content writing, adding backlinks for your site will bring you to the top of the rankings. However, you must make sure that the backlinks are included in reputed websites that have a high rank themselves.

Having a good rank will definitely assist you to move up in all search engine pages. However in content writing, it is very difficult to analyze Google’s algorithm in this regard. As you go high up in rankings you will notice several requests from other websites – both big and small – requesting links both to and from their websites. Too many link outs may be harmful to the overall effort that you are putting in as Google crawlers might think this to be against their norms and take steps against your website.
To be honest, there is no shortcut to improve search engine rankings in website content writing. However, there are certain tried and tested methods employed during article writing and posting that will help you to come up the rankings. However, these methods are time consuming and patience is the key.

Link Building is the easiest and an efficient way to gain higher ranks. Building Links is very reasonable and very inexpensive market strategy. Link building has become popular in content writing as they help you get an excellent rank within a short span of time. However, as mentioned earlier, if Google crawlers think that you have too many links in and out, they might take a detrimental step against your site. Intelligent use of this method will give your enormous popularity and will also help you earn big.

In blog writing and posting, appropriate link building will give you:
• Growth in the flow of traffic;
• excellent SEO rankings plus more visibility;
• Help you to receive added source for your site, and
• Decreased advertisement costs.

Getting linked with SEO directories is another way to improve your rankings. Here you need to present your website before a SEO directory. Once they have listed your site, the popularity of your link and directories will increase.

Your content writing must have 100% original SEO content. They should be free of any duplication. . You can check for duplication in content writing with the help of many types of software. Do this regularly. Update your content regularly. In website content writing, you must always maintain genuineness in article writing and posting. Remember, 100% original SEO content is King.

In website content writing, link requesting is another way to increase the link building of your website. You have to first place links of other websites in your blog or site. This will increase traffic to your website. After that you can request the exact process for your website.

To sum up, getting a high rank with Google is not an easy task in website content writing. However, if you are sincere enough not to try and implement any shortcuts or illegal methods, you will surely get ranked on the top of the Google search page.

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