We all know that the healthiest diet is one high in fiber, fruits and vegetables, low in fats. We all know that moderation is key. But some of us need a game plan to attack diets. We need guidance and rigidity. Basically, we need someone to tell us what to eat and how much. There’s nothing wrong with some guidance. Here is a list of the top ten diets that are the healthiest for dieters and can help you lose the weight you like:

1) Weight watchers – if you need guidance, seeking out weight watchers may be your greatest step forward. Offering customer support, support groups and smarter food and meal choices. Weight watchers are a great way to achieve weight loss while establishing and maintaining a healthy life style.

2) Jenny Craig – Another organization much like Weight Watchers, who also offers pre-packaged meals, has a proven track record when it comes to weigh loss and maintenance.

3) Nutrasystem – Another weight loss organization that offers pre packaged meals and support groups.

4) South Beach Diet – A right-carb diet, the South Beach diet encourages you that there are such things as bad carbs and good carbs and helps you discover the right carb for your diet. They also teach you about lean meats and the right fat to eat to achieve weight loss.

5) Atkins Diet – the original low carb diet, promotes a life style of restricted carbohydrate intake with a mostly protein and fat diet. They also limit fruits and vegetables.

6) Low carb diets – With the low carb trend, a traditional low or no carb diet limits the amount of carbohydrates the body can consume, which limits the amount of sugar released into the blood stream. Lower blood sugar levels means less insulin production and less hunger pangs. Lower sugar also means it isn’t getting stored as fat in the body.

7) Slim-Fast offers a range of shakes, soups, pasta and other low fat, low calorie items to help weight loss and appetite suppression.

8) Low GI Diets are diets developed for diabetics to help maintain a stable blood sugar level.

9) Fat loss 4 Idiots is the latest trend in diets and states that it isn’t the food that is the problem, but the choices you make with your food that is. By consuming the wrong types of calories, an individual gains weight, but by learning the proper calories to eat through this program, you can lose weight.

10) Optifast is a food program that is designed to replace everyday food, vitamins and supplements.

The most important thing a dieter must remember to do is decide which diet is right for them and stick to it that diet plan. Maintaining a diet is one of the reasons that diets don’t work, because people attempt diets that are wrong for their body and personality. So take into consideration the type of person you are and what you can handle when choosing a diet.

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