You undoubtedly think that it’s easy to be clear about what you want. Heck, what you want is what you want. No big surprise, right? It just shows up with a little effort. Well, you’re special! Most people get mixed results or don’t get what they want at all. Why? Because they aren’t truly clear about what they want.

Being clear means being open to what is in your mind, heart and soul without the impact of external thoughts, opinions and input. It’s truly an inside job. So I give you the Top 5 ways to gain this power tool to getting the results you truly want, faster!

1. Breathe

- We don’t do enough of it
- Take some really deep breaths, right now, and blow out the stress. This will open you up while relaxing into the thoughts and feelings that bring you clarity.

2. Be quiet, be still

- Stop racing around, reading, thinking, stressing!
- Give yourself some time to just sit quietly with yourself and relax.
- Listen to the sounds of nature, quiet soothing music or the silent hum of the environment. And let go to whatever comes.

3. Talk or Write

- Talk with a trusted and supportive friend about what nourishes your soul, makes your heart skip a beat or just brings a smile to your face. Ask them if they’ve noticed anything while you were speaking. You’ll be surprised!
- Write out your thoughts, feelings and desires in a journal so that you can reflect on your insights upon reading it again. Just write with the flow, no censoring your thoughts.

4. Explore

- With access to so much information, you can explore people, places and things to see what’s possible. It’s likely that someone somewhere is doing what you’d like to do!
- Success leaves clues – Tony Robbins. Explore how successful people have achieved their goals and learn from their journey.

5. Take action

- Dreams are a beautiful thing. But they’re most satisfying when they become your reality! In order to make that happen you have to take action.
- So take one step toward what you want and let the momentum of that action carry you forward!

Your best chance of achieving anything you truly want, faster, begins with being clear about what that is. With these five steps, you can start that success journey today and see your results sooner!

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Chris Makell is the Career Transitions Specialist dedicated to career professionals who are not satisfied with their career options or want to do something different but don’t know what or how. Begin by breathing deeply and relieve the stress – download your free 2 part audio program today, because you are at your best when you're clear, relaxed and open to the possibilities. Claim your MP3 here: