The most stylish chair can look ugliest if the fabric is torn. A small, torn portion can lead to a larger one. Hence, it is essential to get the small torn portion repaired soon to avoid any bigger issue. You can fix it either by the traditional sewing method or by patch method. Also, there are many other effective ways you can repair the torn portion of your fabric.

Given below are some of the effective ways to repair torn upholstery:

♦ Patch Method

  • At first, you need to cut a piece of heavy-duty fabric in a square shape. This cut will be used as a patch. Also, you must make the patch a bit larger than the torn in the chair upholstery in Gold Coast.
  • Peel the torn upholstery backward, and then position the patch below it. Use a spoon’s handle to make the patch surface smoother so that it lays flat.
  • Hold back the flap of the upholstery, and then use an upholstery pin or poultry skewer to pin it back in place.
  • Remove the pin properly, and then carefully press the upholstery flap down over the patch. Pat, it lightly to smooth out the fabric.
  • You need to insert more pins along the side of the torn portion to hold the material in place until the glue completely dries up. After that, you need to remove the pins when the glue has dried completely.

♦ Sewing Method

  • Check if there are any disputes near the torn portion. Make sure to coat them with a thin layer of liquid.
  • Fold the edges of the tear beneath, after this press down the folds sturdily with the fingers. In case, one side is worn, and you should fold the worn part beneath to the best possible extent. You must keep in mind that sewing too near the worn part might cause severe damage in the later phases.
  • String a curved upholstery needle with a piece of thread made of nylon, as nylon thread is stronger as compared to the regular ones, and thus, the possibilities of it ripping is low.
  • Smidgen the edges of the fabric with one another, and subsequent to this, just slide the needle's tip through the edge of the tear on the right-hand side.
  • Pull up the string all the way through in order to make a successful stitch. Proceeding further, weave the needle inside and outside along the worn area in order to make tight and small stitches. Make sure to keep the edges of the torn part folded beneath as you keep on sewing.
  • Keep on sewing alongside the edges of the torn portion until or unless you reach the end of the torn portion. In case, the fabric looks like creased at the end, simply smidgen the edges with one another, and make few more stitches. After this, keep on sewing until you make sure to join the old seams with the new ones.
  • Pull up the thread via the upholstery in Brisbane on the utmost last stitch in order to make the loop. After this, pass the needle via the loop two times, and then pull the string tightly to apply a proper and firm knot.
  • Make some small stitches once again across the seam line in the opposite direction, after this just cut out the thread. This will anchor the string or the thread and thus, making sure it will not become loose over time.

Final Words!

Therefore, these are some of the top ways for repairing a tear in the fabric of the upholstery chair. Furthermore, you can hire professionals to get this job done within less time, and in a better way.

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The author is a certified service provider for chair upholstery in Gold Coast. Also, the author has gained a good name in repairing upholstery in Brisbane.