This year has seen the introduction of quite a number of new trends in bathroom vanity. They change when years change every time, and this time is no exception. Thus, 2020 is going to see a plethora of changes in bathroom vanity. While the existing ones are likely to take the back seat, the new ones would come up and hit the headlines and remain so for days to come.

Black all set to stand as the new Grey

Grey was a sensation back in 2018 and 2019. It dominated bathroom remodelling and revamping projects Down Under. Now all that is set to change as things move on to bolder, more distinct and darker style in 2020.

Grey was indeed great, but black is even better! When you come up with darker tones while remodelling the toilets and the vanities thereof, it does exemplify energy that makes all the difference. This darker and much bolder trend is best when applied in light fixtures and vanities, accessories and mirrors and other fixture more when it comes in a matte finish.

Creating the bathroom for the future

Come 2020, and you will see new trends that will add a futuristic ambience to your bathroom. For instance, if you take into consideration of the toilets, it going to see seat warmers, automated lid openers, built-in deodorizers, adjustable air driers, and the likes.

So you see, the toilets in Perth, are going to see a lot of transformation this year, thanks to the renovations and the new trends thereof.

If toilets are to see a futuristic transformation, what about the rest of the bathroom? They are also likely to follow suit by the introduction of smart showers, automated sinks, mini-fridges and the likes.

Brass and gold for the toilets

Gold fixtures always carry an element of eternity. Hence, shades of gold and brass are also set to take over the toilets, bringing vintage and timeless aura in the bathroom. This new style will bring in a warmer accent to the toilet and the bathroom as a whole, compared to the shiny polished chromes, which are have a cooler and more laid back tinge, but with lack of depth, dimension and feel of luxury.

Industrial styled Vanities

This particular style all about utilising the metal finished bathroom vanities available in Perth, some with a wooden accent, and some without. Then there are some funky patterns, which make sense in multiple ways, adding an extra gravity to the vanity of your bathroom.

You can use industrial sinks, which matched pop of colours, brass or gold accents, matte-finished black fixtures, as well as fun-tile patterns..the list can be endless!!

It is best, if you add a darker tinge to your bathroom, with the help of these industrial-styled vanities. The bathroom may take a somewhat robust look and feel, but that will add a strong sense of embellishment, if that you may put it that way, which will last for days to come!

The best way is to opt for a company that comes with years of experience under its belt. The experts, after consulting with you will come up with the best options to add a new look and feel to your bathroom.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a company that provides renovation and add new vanities to the bathroom in Perth. The author is also an avid blogger.