Venezuela is an ideal place for an exotic vacation, practicing water sports or just visiting its various tourist attractions. There you can find high class Venezuela hotels to suit all of your requirements.

If you are planning to visit this remarkable county you may need some information about it in advance. The travel tips below will assist you to have the best time in Venezuela.

1.General Recommendations- The official language in the county is Spanish. To enter Venezuela you need a passport with no less than six months validity. Take care of your money as well as your documents. Keep them in a safe place.

2.Money- The official currency in Venezuela is the boliviar. In most shops, restaurants and hotels are allowed the usual credit cards (VISA, American Express and Mastercard).

3.Health care- To enter Venezuela you don’t need any special vaccine but if you are vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, malaria, cholera and tetanus it could be far better for you. In this way you can visit a lot more regions with much greater ease.

4.When is the best time for visiting Venezuela?- The local climate in Venezuela is moderate with average temperatures hovering around 24 degrees all of the year. The dry season is from December to May and also the rainy season is between May and November. In Margarita Island weather is warmer with temperatures around 30 degrees on average.

5.Accommodation- you'll find a large variety of hotels in Venezuela from budget hotels to TOP rated luxury hotels. If you'd like to get the top rates for your vacation in Venezuela you can book Venezuela hotels online.

6.Telecommunications- The mobile phone coverage is fine into the main cities and little or no rural areas, natural parks or areas far from population centers. If you'd like to deal Venezuela the code is 0058 followed by subscriber number.

7.Sites to visit- The Caribbean islands with fantastic beaches, clear waters and an exclusive atmosphere are a great attraction, especially on Margarita Island."Angel Falls" and the interior landscapes with lush vegetation and mountains like much to people who decide to travel to Venezuela. Don’t miss the capital city Caracas , and also the area of Amazonia in which you can see rare animal species like monkey, jaguar, deer and puma.

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