Weddings are an important occasion especially in a ladies life that come only once. You might have chosen a fabulous dress for your wedding day, but without the perfect wedding underwear to match you will have overlooked an important aspect of your special day. With so much bridal lingerie like bras, corsets, bustiers, thongs, basques, stockings, and wedding garters it is essential for you to make time to choose the right type of underwear that fits you well without compromising your style or look. Moreover if you choose the wrong size then you will feel uncomfortable throughout the whole wedding day.

Here below you can find some top tips which will be highly useful when you shop out to purchase your bridal lingerie.

(a)Measure the right size

It is always good to measure the right size before you start your shopping. If for example you are looking to purchase a wedding garter then it is wise to measure the size of your thigh and purchase one to match. Both tight and over sized garters will make you to feel uncomfortable; if it happens to be too tight then it will make you feel uneasy while an oversized wedding garter will slip off from its position and become a nuisance all day.

(b) Do not choose a garter for all special occasions

Although there are a number of different coloured garters that can be worn for more than one occasion do not choose one of these. This is your wedding day so you should insure you choose something that you cherish and can look back upon and remember feeling like a true princess in. Choose a color and style that adds to your dress and makes you feel divine and gorgeous throughout your whole wedding day, blue and ivory are two of these colours that people recommend.

(c) Consider choosing an elastic garter

If you want to stay comfortable then it is good to go for a garter with elastic. There are different varieties of elastic wedding garters covered with fancy materials like ribbon and this will prevent it from slipping and prevent the garter rubbing. A traditional trick is to wear your garter just above the knee because if you will be wearing it for a long time this is the position in which it feels most comfortable.

Finally be sure to remove your garter carefully so that you can keep it for long time without spoiling its elegance or appearance.

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