Do you suffer from Osteoarthritis pain that disturbs your daily life and mobility? Do you have a Hip Joint that is damaged or worn? You may want to consider traveling to Thailand to undergo the best hip replacement. A hip replacement is a life-changing decision as it can significantly improve your quality of life and Thailand offers skilled surgeons to make sure the best results are achieved, at affordable prices. If you are considering a hip replacement in Thailand, here are some tips to help you to have a successful hip replacement surgery in Thailand.

Plan for some time off work

You will have to allow yourself enough time to recover before returning to work. You usually will need to stay in Thailand for more than 2 weeks, but your recovery period can take about six to twelve weeks. If your job is physically demanding, it may take longer for you to be able to return to work. After your surgery, you may be keen to get on with your normal life as fast as you can, but remember that recovery is your top priority.

Be mindful of your hip in bed

To support your recovery, you will need a good night’s sleep and a comfortable bed. Always be mindful of your hip position in bed because you need to avoid injury, muscle strain, and hip dislocation. It is also not advisable to have sex during the first six weeks as it increases your chance of getting problems with your hips. When you feel you are ready, make sure to take things slowly.

Prepare for your recovery at the hotel

You generally will need to stay at the hospital for 4-8 days after your surgery. However, your surgeon may not allow you to fly back home immediately after you are discharged from the hospital because sitting too long can increase your risk of getting Deep Vein Thrombosis in your legs. Therefore, you need to prepare for your recovery at the hotel. Inform your hotel that you have just undergone a hip replacement, so they can rearrange your room to ensure you have easy access to everything you will need. Your daily essentials should be at waist-level and within easy reach. If possible, bring a family member or a friend along with you, so they can pitch in when you need help.

Get the help of a reputable medical tourism facilitator

We get it, you are probably in a lot of pain and your mobility is limited. The easiest way for you to arrange your hip replacement in Thailand is to get the help of a reputable medical tourism facilitator, such as MyMediTravel all you have to do is click on their website and find any hospital you want. Still too hard for you? Get a free quote and they will refer you to the best hospital in Thailand.

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