If you neglect the pest control of your house, you have to bear the consequences. When you hand over the rented house to the owner without doing pest control, you may need to pay hefty fines. Better you read the following tips to fix the problem.



  • Identify the Pest: It is not wise to apply the pest control solution throughout the rooms. At first, you need to inspect the place where they are mostly breeding. For instance, cockroaches and mice are nocturnal, and once they are found, you need to spray pesticides on them. In this regard, you can consult the experts of pest control in Sunshine Coast.
  • Prevent to Store Standing Water: Storing water is the ideal place of breeding insects. It is advised to keep dry the bathroom and kitchen as much as possible. If you find that the pipes of your house are leaked, you need to fix the issue immediately. It is the best way of entering insects into your house. You also do not need to store water in the trays of plants.
  • Keep the Kitchen Clean: Pests are also attracted by the open food. For instance, the fragrance of the ripe fruits attracts the flies. Similarly, cockroaches also like to eat crumbs. Hence, if you keep any food uncovered or do not clean your kitchen, the possibility of increasing insects in the kitchen is increased. Better you should follow the food in plastic containers or sealed glass.

    You require to wipe away the soapy water by using a dish towel or paper towel. It helps to clean the food containers and the appliances dry and clean. Do not plug your toaster and also ensure that you remove the crumbs. Keep the ripe fruits inside of the refrigerator. Lastly, you need to clean the trash daily.

  • Deny Access to Enter Into the House: The insects usually enter through the poorly sealed doors or windows or the cracked walls. In order to free your house from pest, you require to apply silicon caulk for sealing the cracks. You also need to install screens and weather-stripping on the windows and doors.
  • Apply Less Toxic Pesticides: If the aforementioned tips fail to prevent the insects to come into the house, you need to apply less toxic pesticides. It is less harmful for you and the indoor environment of the house.

    In order to free your house from cockroaches, you can spread dusty Boric Acid on the crevices and cracks. Not only the cockroaches, but you can also keep away the crawling insects like ants, silverfish etc. However, if you are not comfortable to apply the pesticide, you can ask for the help of professionals of bond cleaning in Perigian.

  • Apply Volatile Pesticides: At last, you need to apply broad spectrum volatile pesticides to kill the dangerous and harmful insects. Before use, you require to ensure that your room is well ventilated. It, in turn, leads to remove the pesticides quickly.

Final Words
Lastly, you are advised to apply the pest control chemicals safely since these are harmful to your health. In turn, you can kill the insects from your house at the end of lease cleaning.

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The author has had prior knowledge to take services from the experts for killing the pest and hence, provides the tips to free your house from the harmful insects.