Are you planning to undergo Hernia Repair Surgery in Thailand, but you do not know how to prepare a plan, well you have come to the right place because we are going to talk about some top tips to help you prepare and to have the best medical travel experience.

Research, research, research

Research everything, from the best hospitals, the best surgeons, accreditations, certifications, hospital’s facilitation, reviews, to the location and the culture of Thailand. Researching the best hospital and its accreditations will help you pick the right hospital that offers safe hernia repair surgery with great results. Let us give you a recommendation: one of the highest-rated hospitals in Thailand for hernia repair surgery is Sikarin Hospital Bangkok. This hospital is accredited by international organizations, filled with skilled surgeons, and offers world-class service.

Pack what you need to pack

Comfort is a priority with your recovery period, so pack things that you find comfortable, but appropriate to Thailand’s weather. Bring clothing with expandable or elastic waistbands that you find cozy. Chances are it is going to be hot in the country, so pack light clothing.

Check which hotel is closest to your hospital

You generally will only need to stay in the hospital for one night, but you may need to stay in Thailand for at least 2 weeks for follow-up check-ups, removal of stitches, and consultation to ensure everything is going alright. Some hospitals offer hotel packages in the price, but others may not. Therefore, you need to find the closest hotel to your hospital so you can easily travel between your hospital and hotel.

Find out how long the recovery period will take

After your surgery, you need to avoid certain activities to allow your body to heal. Knowing how long the recovery will take can help you plan the time you need to take work off as well as getting back to your normal routine. For hernia repair, the recovery period typically takes around one or two weeks.

Watch your diet

We understand that you are in Thailand and it is tempting to try the world-famous Thai food. But remember, getting back into the groove of your normal life should be your top priority. Make sure you eat a diet rich in fibre, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Drink lots of water, because you need to avoid getting constipated.
Are you ready for your Hernia repair surgery in Thailand? Here’s another pro-tip to having an amazing medical travel experience: get the help of a medical tourism facilitator such as MyMediTravel. The team will solve any concerns and questions you may have; they will also make sure that your whole experience is enjoyable and safe.

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