Many people are now interested in investing in a reproduction Victorian cast iron radiator heating system. This can be a practical option that can offer superior energy efficiency. In times of rising fuel bills it has become more important than other for you to consider how to upgrade your heating system to reduce your costs.

Here are just a few top tips to help you plan your Victorian cast iron radiator heating system. This will help you to make the right decisions for your home.

1. Make sure you choose the right size Victorian cast iron radiator for each room.

It is important that you consider the heating requirements for each room of your home before you buy any cast iron radiators. These types of radiators can offer a much higher output per square inch over conventional radiators. This means you may not need the same size Victorian cast iron radiator for each room as you did with your previous heating system.

Radiators are measure using a standard of British Thermal Units (BTU). You can use online radiator calculators to work out what BTU you will need to heat each room. Cast iron radiators are sold in a range of BTU outputs so you will be able to choose the perfect size for the rooms in your home.

2. Find the best position for your Victorian cast iron radiator in each room.

You can maximise the effectiveness of cast iron radiators by making sure you place them in the coldest area of the room. In most homes this would be on an external wall close to a window space. This is a great way to offset heat loss and optimise the heating system you have installed.

- Assess your rooms and look for the significant areas of heat loss.

- You will need to place the Victorian cast iron radiator in the nearest convenient position to this.

- If you already have a conventional heating system the radiators should already be in the best position for heat efficiency so you could just follow this plan for your new cast iron radiators.

3. Getting the most for your money

Cast iron radiators do not have any mechanical parts so they should last for many years. However sometimes there can be problems in the manufacturing (or during transport and storage) that can cause leaks and cracks that are invisible to the naked eye. This means you would not know that your Victorian cast iron radiator was broken until it was installed in your home and in operation.

- This is why it is so important for you to get a warrantee with your Victorian cast iron radiator heating system.

- This would protect you financially against any manufacturing or transportation damage.

- You would then be able to claim for a replacement radiator against the warrantee instead of having to pay out for this yourself.

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With many years in the heating and plumbing industry Edward Hall has for sometime now been writing on such subjects as the cast iron radiator , its history and benefits and imparting his vast knowledge on the subject. You could increase your fuel efficiency by switching to a Victorian cast iron radiator heating system. This could enable you to heat your home effectively and still cut your fuel bills.