When it comes to which candidate goes the distance in a job search, there's almost never a clear formula, and which one struggles to find the perfect connexion for weeks or months or even years.

Focus on jobs with online applications, network, sell your candidacy with emails or letters, build an online presence, and more, in order to find a job without a resume. Don't worry if you're looking for a job and haven't yet made a resume; you can always find a job. Without investing in the time-consuming process of building a resume, many employees search for work. If you don't have a computer or don't have the time, here are four tips, even without a resume, for finding jobs.

Use online

In most public libraries, you can do this if you don't have a machine at home. You may also make a request on your computer. These days, most employers permit you to apply online. You should upload it if you have a resume. You can type one indirectly online if you don't. As part of the application process, you can also pitch your nomination in an email to the firm or in a cover letter.

Visit the website and apply

This is an excellent way to get an instant interview, so make sure you dress properly. Many businesses have applications open, but there is a manual method for letting them know you're on the market if you're applying. You will be surprised at how the prospects could be altered by the simple act of walking into a company and asking for an application. It takes a little bravery to step in, but you might also have an opportunity to talk directly to a hiring manager while you are there.

Consider using network techniques

Employers are overwhelmed with resumes several times, and the submission gets lost in the pile. Try to meet your colleagues, community members, neighbors, people you know at church or school, or other individuals in your network instead. Let them know that there is a new role you are looking for. Ask if they should introduce you to their company's hiring manager or if they know someone who is hiring you. Usually, you won't need a resume for this process, and if you forward one to your contacts, it can even seem overly pushy. Start there by asking everyone you come in touch with if they know of any good open positions if you are already volunteering with an organization.

Use your online presence to find a job

LinkedIn is a professional networking site free of charge that shares with others your job history. Again, if you don't have a computer, to set it up, go to the nearest library. If they have any free classes on how to set up your professional LinkedIn profile, you can even ask the librarian. Every day, LinkedIn links millions of job seekers to meaningful jobs, so it is worth taking the time to set up a professional profile and no resume is required.


Finally, working with a recruitment company like Emonics is one of the easiest ways to find a position. Our services are free for employees, and we will help you find profitable, steady work to keep you occupied and keep revenue flowing in. Get in contact with our team today about how we can help.

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