For some people the only determinant between whether they would eat good food, wear designer’s clothes and ride the best of cares is in whether they would take their habits to save money every month very seriously.

The good thing is, there are a lot of things that people can now do to ensure that they can now save money as effectively as they would have liked. I am going to highlight a couple of ways this can be done without causing some major and painful changes to their ways and modes of living.

Here are ten ways you can go about saving up on your cash every month to give you the financial freedom you have so much craved.

1. The first thing is for you to try to know where your expenditure trails to. This minds that you should be able to determine how you spend your money. You might be shocked to find out how you spend the money you earn every month! All you would need to make this tracking would be for you to lay hold of a little notebook.

With this notebook, you should make a list of what you buy for at least the duration of a week. Then begin to put down your purchases in categories like food, gas, etc. For instance, the fast foods, and TV dinners would fall into a collective category; food. When you are done with this little exercise, then add the total expenditure up and put everything up for a full month.

Are you shocked at the result/ a lot of people would be shocked at how much they actually spend on junk food and the likes. Of course, by this time, the purchase of such items might already have become a habit with these people, and they might think it would be hard to break the habit, but if they try, they can actually cut down on the wasteful spending.

All you need to keep in mind is that saving as little as twenty five dollars weekly can translate to hindered dollars monthly.

2. I know you watch cable TV, practically everyday. Well, too bad, as you would have to cut down on that too. Try an economical package on the cable offer instead, and consider whether you need the cable viewing in the first place.

3. Cut down on the excess telephones around the house. They have a way of increasing your monthly bills

4. Use the household energy as discreetly as possible. I find that most people use more than they need in a week 0 far too much, if you ask me.

5. save on driving too!` Only use the car when it is absolutely necessary

6. Make sure you have made payment on your higher interest credit cards first

7. Refinancing your house using a slower engagement can save you a couple of hundred of dollars monthly.

8. Reviewing your insurance policy can save you some money as well

9. Plan the budget for your household meals.

10. Cut down on trips to the food store by making it all at once. This is the final way to save money every month.

You can use all these strategies to save money, reduce debt and improve your life but it means nothing unless you have a foolproof method automatically set up to do it for you.

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Dan Cavalli, an Australian businessman and Author. He is an entrepreneur and expert on small-business success and has a published International selling book: ‘Blueprint for Making Millions’.

Dan specializes in the creation of businesses and building them to full potential fast. His most noted success in business was where he started his first business from zero and built it to $140 million in 18 months. He has repeated similar results over the years and he now teaches people how he builds businesses extraordinarily fast with effective sales and marketing techniques.