During the recession of 2007 to 2010 an estimated 40% of American furniture manufacturers went out of business.

Highpoint, North Carolina's Simplicity Sofa not only survived, they thrived. Three years after opening they outgrew their facility and have moved again since then, to their current 31,000 square feet showroom and factory.

The secret to their success?

Two things:

1. They developed a niche of producing high end furniture that fits through narrow doors, hallways and staircases found in apartments, condominiums and historic homes.

2. Owner Jeff Frank's total dedication to excellent customer service.

Here are Mr Frank's Top Ten Customer Service Tips:

1. Speed is critical. Customers expect a 24 hour response time. They are delighted when they hear from you within 6 hours and amazed by a 1 hour response. The faster you respond to your customers the easier it becomes to close a sale or solve a problem. Failure to return a call or email is inexcusable.

2. If you don’t have an immediate answer, quickly inform the customer that you are working on their inquiry and will get back to them soon. Then do it!

3. When responding to a customer complaint always begin by assuring the customer that you will fix their problem. This immediately removes the adversarial relationship that can lead to messy and expensive confrontations.

4. Always offer the customer choices. This is particularly important in problem situations. If you offer your customer 3 or more possible solutions they will feel included in the eventual resolution. Also, you will be surprised at how often the solution selected is not as expensive or burdonsome as the one you thought they would demand.

5. Never answer a question by telling a customer something is “company policy.” All responses must make logical sense to both you and the customer. If you can’t reasonably explain the company policy either you need more information or the company policy needs to be changed.

6. The object of problem resolution is not to “satisfy” the customer but to “amaze” them by going above and beyond their expectations.

7. Mistakes and problems always result in opportunities to create long-term loyal customers by exceeding expectations.

8. Transforming an “angry” customer into an enthusiastic advocate is always worth the cost.

9. The resentment felt by an inconvenienced or frustrated customer can be transformed into gratitude and long-term loyalty by a small compensation offer – especially when the customer realizes that the circumstances were beyond your control.

10. Unhappy employees cannot create delighted customers.

Simplicity Sofas has received countless testimonials, but one is especially memorable.

Actor William Shatner of Star Trek fame, said, “Simplicity Sofas boldly goes where no furniture has gone before.”

Simplicity Sofas is located at 1711 Preferred Way, High Point, NC 27260. Contact them by phone at 800.813.2889 or online: https://www.simplicitysofas.com

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