There are many lists out now providing tips for sleep and things to avoid if you want a good night sleep. Most lists leave out fear of sleep. This is primary. Once you've had chronic insomnia fear accompanies you every night. You're afraid you won't sleep - again. There's a deeper fear that may also exist. I've included late night binging on my list because it's very common yet not discussed openly.

1. Fear of Sleep
2. Stress and Worry
3. Uncomfortable Sleep Environment (noise, light, bed, etc)
4. Sleeping in an unfamiliar Environment
5. Going to Bed When Not Sleepy
6. Going to Bed when Over Tired
7. Health Issues
8. Middle of the night disturbances (pets, bedmate, trips to the bathroom)
9. Stimulating night time Activities
10. Late Night Binging

Author's Bio: 

Joan is a sleep enthusiast who has experimented with dozens of products and remedies for sleep over the past 30 years. Through meditation and humor she has emerged from the darkness of insomnia.