There are numerous SEO blogs available on the internet. But you must select the best out of all of them. The need for which you would want to visit SEO blogs is because SEO is a continuous and never-ending and continuously changing process. Hence, you need to read articles and other updates on the SEO blogs written by the SEO experts to stay in the loop of the industry's changing trends and evolutions.

To help you save a lot of time, I have curated a list of the best SEO blogs written by experts that you can consider for staying updated with the latest technological advancements and ever-changing trends in the website optimization industry.

Let's begin.

Here are the best SEO blogs by the experts to help you out.

1- SEO Sandwitch Blog - Joydeep Bhattacharya

SEO Sandwitch was founded by Joydeep Bhattacharya in the year 2012 and had been growing ever since. The blog helps people from almost all industries scaling up their business and reach new heights in an unimaginable way.

In addition to this, he can also help your business reach the predetermined business goals. Apart from writing on his blog, he is an active contributor to various top-notch online marketing platforms like Search Engine People, SemRush, WooRank, Single Grain, Socialnomics, and Search Engine Watch.

Furthermore, SEO Sandwitch's Author, Joydeep Bhattacharya, was named as one of the top 20 digital marketing authors by SemRush and was also named in the list of top 150 marketers to follow.

He curates articles that can help the experts (advanced) and the newbies (basic), making him one of the best SEO experts to follow.

DA - 35
PA - 47
Linking Root Domains - 1.4K
Alexa Rank - 44,225
Average Monthly Traffic - 14.4K

Latest Articles by SEO Sandwitch

2- Digital Deepak - Deepak Kanakraju

Deepak Kanakraju is the name that does not require any introduction in the field of online marketing. Deepak's blog is ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs of India. Deepak has been in the industry since 2008 and has worked with many startups and helped them implement impactful SEO strategies to reach an unbeatable position.

Digital Deepak is an online marketing blog that covers topics from various digital marketing fields like affiliate marketing, content marketing, copywriting, blogging, blockchain technology, social media, Email marketing, personal branding, lead generation, inbound marketing, and PPC management.

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Apart from the blogs, Deepak also runs a digital marketing consulting firm and training sessions. He organizes a lot of online and offline webinars and training sessions. In addition to that, he runs an internship program where the trainees can learn and earn simultaneously.

DA - 42
PA - 46
Linking Root Domains - 3K
Alexa Rank - 9,981
Average Monthly Traffic - 165.4K

Latest Articles by Digital Deepak

3- Digital Marketing Deal - Mridul Kabra

Digital Marketing Deal is an excellent guest posting that allows you to read, understand, incorporate, and integrate strategies in your online marketing plans. However, there are quite a few contributors to Digital Marketing Deal, but Mridul Kabra is one of the authors I look forward to because of his style of making even the complex subjects relatively easy to understand. The articles written by Mridul Kabra are crisp, impactful, and useful for the newbies and SEO experts. Besides the Digital Marketing Deal, Mridul is an active contributor to Digital Ready.

Apart from being a contributor author, Mridul Kabra is also a well-renowned TEDx Speaker.

DA - 24
PA - 26
Alexa Rank - 58,430
Average Monthly Traffic - 4.6K

Latest Articles By Mridul Kabra

4- Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is a digital marketing expert, author, consultant, and trainer. He is proficient in helping the small, medium, and extensive business enterprises reach their business goals by leveraging the power of optimizing your website and all other online marketing branches. No matter where you are in your digital marketing or SEO journey, Sorav Jain is there to help you out in one way or the other.

Furthermore, the blogs written by Sorav Jain has the potential to keep you updated with the latest trends and aware you about the areas in which you can alter your online marketing strategies to leverage the power of the same to its fullest capacities.

DA - 36
PA - 49
Linking Root Domains - 6K
Alexa Rank - 39,261
Average Monthly Traffic - 46.6K

Latest Articles by Sorav Jain


All the SEO blogs mentioned in this article are written by the SEO experts who have an established history of helping businesses by providing tips and tricks to optimize their websites to its fullest potential. One of the prominent reasons why you should follow the SEO blogs written by experts is because they have quite a lot of experience in the field and have real-time results in front of them. They have tested and tried a few techniques themselves and try to inculcate them in their blogs so that you can benefit from them along with staying updated with the latest trends and ever-evolving technology.

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Shubham Bhardwaj is a marketing expert who helps to plan organic marketing and digital advertising campaigns. He loves to brainstorm new strategies to optimize conversion funnels.