If you're a non traditional bride about to tie the knot or just want to own a unique engagement ring, there are plenty of options out there. From 18ct white gold to palladium wedding bands, we’ve got the scoop on what's the hottest trend right now in bridal jewellery. A diamond solitaire engagement ring or a platinum wedding ring may be a classic choice and one of the most opted in the UK, but you're probably going to want to step out of the box once you see these one-of-a-kind dazzlers.


Check out popular trends for engagement ring and wedding bands you can shop now, below.


Also make sure you thoroughly read up before you start to drop a hint for your partner and share your selects!


  1. The Feminine Rose Gold: There's a reason why this pink gold is making a huge comeback - the feminine rosy glow flatters all skin tones.


  1. Colourful Bling - Bling: If you pick the non traditional route, a colourful diamond is a beautiful choice. Fancy-hued diamonds, like amber and pink, make you stand out from the crowd without feeling over the top. Colourful centre stones and vintage-inspired designs combined together are a great choice.


  1. The Colourful Gemstones: If you're considering a colourful centre stone, you don't have to stick to a diamond - there are lots of other amazing options waiting for you. Sapphires make you look grand if you skip the yellow and pink diamonds. Also. the mesmerising rubies and emeralds give off an instant vintage vibe. Another thought: A stone with multidimensional colour, like alexandrite, creates a cool colour-change effect.


  1. Delicate Floral Accents: Engagement rings are blooming right now with flowers, petals, vines and other details plucked straight from the garden. A floral-inspired halo adds a whimsical touch to your femininity.


  1. The Geometrical Band: Not only are engagement rings with square bands totally sleek, they're also more comfortable than round bands. Square edges won't pinch or constrict your fingers.


  1. Elaborate Side Work: Intricate details on the sides of your band will make your beautiful ring even more amazing from all angles. The chain-link effect in the setting symbolises eternity in a marriage (and looks stylish too).


  1. Pear Shaped Cuts in Platinum: A round-cut diamond may be the most popular design for centre stone, but pear-shaped and marquise-cut diamonds are making a comeback. The biggest advantage of the tapered cuts? They make your fingers look slim and elongated instantly.


  1. The Criss Cross band: What's better than a band of diamonds? A double band! Multiple bands of diamonds look twice as pretty and gives any engagement ring a more architectural, fashion-forward feel.


  1. Multiple Band Fusion: Confused about your favourite metal? No problem...fuse them all! A yellow gold halo gives a white gold engagement ring of-the-moment upgrade. The plus point??? Halos make your centre stone look even larger.


  1. Mixed Metal Prongs: Mixed metal prongs (or prongs that are a different metal than the rest of your engagement/ wedding ring) can create a more seamless look with colourful center stones and are a simple way to mix up your engagement ring setting. Opt for yellow gold prongs with a yellow center stone, or rose gold to compliment a pink one.


  1. The Stackable Obsession: Why are we so obsessed with the stackables trend? It's totally customisable. Pile on as many bands as you want to represent different milestones - there are no rules or numbers tied to this cool look. Wear them alone to show off the regal design or as a pair for a more ornate look.
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