There is a great demand for quality care amongst the aging population. This has created good job opportunities in the healthcare sector. If you are seeking a new career, then certified nursing assistant [CNA] is a great alternative. CNA provides the basic nursing duties to patients recovering from temporary illness or disability or to those who may need permanent care. 

The key role of a certified asisente de enfermeria [Nursing Assistant] includes taking the patient’s vital signs, helping with their personal hygiene, assist in eating meals or give them a hand as they move around. The job is demanding but the reasons to choose CNA career are many.

Top reasons to choose CNA career

The ideal career for compassionate people

A CNA has to help patients fulfill their basic activities and so is not an easy task. Compassionate people who adore caring for others gain a lot of satisfaction in helping vulnerable patients. They make them feel loved and comfortable. CNA’s spend plenty of time with their patients, so a special relationship gets created, especially with those getting long term care. 

Cost-effective training programs

The training duration of CNA programs can be concluded in six weeks. It can be completed in a variety of settings like high school, hospital, a private institution, community college, and regional occupational college. 

Many employers train candidates for free or pay for the CNA’s training [with a commitment to work for a specific time with the employer]. CNA training is cost-effective in comparison to other health industry careers. CNA program cost range from $300 - $1500 [depends on the chosen facility].

Opens potential career avenues

CNA jobs offer valuable experience in taking care of others. It is an entry-level position. If you adore being an assistant, then you can increase your skills and get enrolled in a registered nurse or practical nurse training program. The hard work involved in the CNA profession offers you a robust foundation to pursue a full-fledged nursing job. 

Flexibility to choose a work environment

CNAs are equipped with basic lifesaving, basic first-aid, and direct patient care skills. Their skills are marketable and can work in different healthcare settings according to their preferences and strengths. They can work in a hospital, hospices or private home. 

Every working environment offers varied benefits like in the hospital there is an opportunity to take care of different patients, while in private home they need to work with a single patient for the long term. 

In general, CNAs work full-time because patients need to be taken care of all day and night. In the hospital, CNAs get to work in shifts but the majority of the time they will need to work on weekends. 

Optimistic job outlook

It is predicted that CNA job opportunities will grow by 18% between the years 2014 to 2024. It is faster than the average growth of other occupations. 

Good salary

According to a survey, the majority of CNAs earn an annual salary between $23,340 & $32,240. The factors that play a part in determining the salary of the assistant nurse include location, employment environment, and skillset. 

As there is an increase in quality care, CNA jobs are predicted to rise alongside the need!

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