Software Companies are obsessed with the ‘Agile Approach’ nowadays. It seems to be the most widely used development trend. The question is, what is it actually? The next obvious question is, why are IT/Software companies in so much awe of the ‘Agile Approach’?

What is Agile Approach?

The agile software development method or the agile scrum method in software development is used for building a relevant and workable end product. A lot of emphasis goes into team work. It entails communicating the completion and scope of a project with the help of a proper project roadmap. The roadmap is derived through the agile methodology, and comprises functional requirements, non-functional requirements, API integrations and information security. The agile methodology in software development helps companies move with the trend, move according to what is in demand. As of now, only through agile software development methodology is it possible to entertain both users’ as well as market needs, as the requirements become easy to cater to over the development cycle. Offshore companies hire dedicated programmers from India because of most IT Service providers subscribing to the Agile Approach of developing software.

Given below are top 5 reasons for choosing an Agile Methodology for Software Development Projects:

Agile makes it possible to incorporate feedback quickly: If the software development methodology being used on a project is ‘agile’, then it becomes possible for the development team to incorporate changes midway in the project. Delivering the project in agile sprints makes it possible to take feedback from the client at any stage of the project and incorporate it duly. Agile methodology makes it possible to use available software assets in an efficient manner and incorporate them before the next sprint meeting. Quick feedback incorporation is the prime reason behind adopting the agile development methodology while working of a fully-fledged software development project.

Agile makes it possible to organize software projects better: Agile sprinting helps organize a project better. The very concept of agile methodology is built around sprint plans, sprint meetings, sprint reviews etc. Each member of the participating team has a goal to focus on. Each member of the team is fully aware of the amount of effort that goes into making the project work. Agile makes it possible to organize software projects in the sense that organization tools are better used to manage time and tasks, duties are prioritized better, relevant tasks are assigned to team members, there is enough time in hand to evaluate proceedings and take feedback from clients and act on them and tasks can be restructured for a fair idea as to what needs to be done and which tasks needs more attention.

Agile makes it possible to build a valuable team: Using agile methodology to work on software development projects makes it possible to build agile teams. Agile methodology helps fragment the team building process into various stages, namely the forming stage, storming stage, norming stage, performing stage. In the first stage, team members get familiarized with each other and get to share useful information with each other. In the second stage, team members are conditioned to follow certain guidelines for all to be on the same page during the development process. The third stage is the most important stage when a proper strategy is in place and work gets underway. The final stage has all team members working cohesively on a shared product that is capable of creating value in the market.

Agile makes the efficient use of tools possible: Software development requires efficient use of software tools. Using agile methodology helps understand the project, categorize project requirements, prioritize tasks, assign them to appropriate resources in the team, following project timelines and marking down completed tasks so that each team member is aware of the productivity level of the project and maintains work pace.

Agile makes higher levels of productivity attainable: Agile methodology helps boost productivity. Teams involved in the software development project have clear goals, there is a mutually decided timeline, each member has his task cut out and in case any programmer needs time to learn something new, the agenda of the project is set such that there is a timeline within which the developer needs to finish learning. This also contributes to increase in productivity.

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