When it comes to choosing a suitable programming language for application development, one has a myriad of options available. However, if you have a startup development project, then you need to be really cautious while selecting. Simply speaking, the choice majorly depends on the project requirements along with other factors like the availability of the libraries, cost and the expertise level of the team. Ruby on Rails framework is the optimum choice for a startup development project, considering these aspects. There are so many ror development companies these days, which itself contemplates its significance as a front-end technology.

Beforing diving deep into the specific reasons for ROR to be considered as the ideal choice for new ventures development projects, let us first have a quick look at what Ruby on Rails is.

A cross-platform web development application, Ruby on Rails is written in ruby under the MIT License. This is essentially an open-source framework which is based on the MVC pattern and is one of the most preferred choices of the developers in today’s time.

ROR, in fact, is popular not only amongst the small businesses and startups but also attracts the big enterprises. It’s a well-established programming language which is similar in integration with Python, etc.

The main objective of Ruby is to build new high-performance projects quickly. Just like any other programming language, it is suitable for a broad array of programming tasks. Although, ROR is a preferred choice for startups, many top-tiers have also started getting attracted towards it. Projects like Airbnb, Hulu, Basecamp, Goodreads, Kickstarter, Shopify, and others have been developed with the help of ROR.

Here are some of the many reasons for why ROR is an ideal choice for your project:


Ruby is a logical, simple, clear, and has a leaner code-base, thus leading to accelerated speed of development. It helps developers to save a lot of time while coding and rather focus on providing good solutions. While the functionality remains the same, less amount of code implies less time spent on writing it.


The Rails framework is quite flexible and enables websites to adapt to various updates regarding innovation in business processes. It is a fabulously flexible and expressive language that allows to solve a problem in a number of ways, providing a lot of freedom to the developers as well as opportunities to find the best-suitable solution for the project.


The times it takes for the development process is equivalent to the money spent by the customer. Thus, if the development takes more time, it becomes more expensive. Due to the speed with which Rails websites can be developed as well as modified, a comparatively less money is spent to build and maintain them. Moreover, ROR is an open-source which implies the absence of licensing costs.

Support by Different Developers

Ruby code is majorly self-documenting and readable. They are free of any need to write more documentation than they certainly have to. Furthermore, over 90% of Ruby applications written make use of Rails. This implies that ROR provides all kinds of integration in order to meet the project requirement.

Every project is well structured using ROR, so a new developer quickly gets the details of the project from day one. This leads to less business downtime if there’s a need to find another ROR developer for an existing project or hire new developers for the purpose of expansion. Thus, if one team of developers starts a project, there’s absolutely no problem for the other to end it.

Huge Resources and Community

There’s a huge number of ready-made Ruby on Rails solutions available in the public domain, most of which have already been tested by some developers. This eliminates the need to build something from the scratch.

Ruby on Rails framework has a large and friendly community of developers who help each other, discuss things related to ROR, announce new projects. It is useful not only for the coders but for businesses as well.

When there’s any difficulty, the community helps to find the best solutions and is proud of the number of ready-to-use code packages provided by the developers themselves which makes your app better.

Projects That Benefit From Ruby on Rails Framework

Content Management Systems

Ruby on Rails websites, in general, are quite reliable and easy to navigate and ROR also makes it easy to scale apps. Because of these reasons, Ruby on Rails has a lot to offer a Content Management System (CMS). One of the most popular Ruby-on-Rails based CMS is Refinery. It is supported by an active community of developers, is multilingual, and gives you a lot of design flexibility.

E-commerce Platforms

Due to its modular approach, ROR is an appropriate choice to build ecommerce apps. The framework also enables you to upload images and products as well as update product descriptions all together. This is particularly helpful when you manage a large ecommerce website. Other features that can be easily implemented with ROR include options for automated image cropping and resizing and custom pricing algorithms.
There are many open source solutions developed on ROR specifically for ecommerce app development. One such example is Spree which is API-driven and open-source and has an active community of developers who contribute to it on GitHub.

Social Networking Sites

ROR provides a variety of plugins that can be used in order to implement all essential features of social networking websites. Multiple open source libraries which are written in ROR enable you to build a social network faster as well as more easily as compared to when developing it all from square one. For instance, social_stream supports posts, contacts, private messages, file uploads, and other features.

Wrapping Up:

These are some of the examples of projects that can be built using Ruby-on-Rails development. If you are also looking to hire Ruby on Rails developers for your next project, then connect with us over email. Our team will reach out to you very shortly and provide you with suitable solution.

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