Do you face challenges due to the frozen screen of your iPad, immediately after doing iOS update? Calm down and do not need to panic. Read the following tips to fix the touch issue of your iPad. 

Your iPad screen may not respond due to two reasons, may be due to the malfunction of hardware or due to the software update. 

  • Hardware issue: If the screen of your iPad get damaged or cracked, then your device touch cannot work properly. However, before going for the iPad screen change, you need to detect the hardware damage. Better you can contact the experts of mobile phone repairs in Adelaide. If you can show the warranty, you can get the service in free of cost. 

If you drop the iPad from your hand, then the connected cable can be loose from the logic board of your device. This is the other reason for not working the touch of your screen. It is very critical to fix the solution on your own, especially in case of no visible damage. It is advised to take help from the professionals for getting the best solution. 

  • Issue related to the software update: If you find that due to software update issue your phone touch is not working properly, then urgently you need to troubleshoot the software to fix the issue. 

Reset Your iPad 

Once you find touchscreen related glitch in your iPad, you are not able to restart your device. Hence, you can go for the device reset option. First, you should press both the home button and power button simultaneously at a time. You need to hold the buttons until the screen of your iPad goes black within a few seconds. Once you see the Apple logo on the screen of your iPad, you can assume that you fix the handset reset issue. 

Uninstall The Unnecessary Apps 

Do you find that some specific apps do not allow you to experience the smoother touch of your iPad. Then you definitely need to uninstall it. In order to uninstall the apps, you need to go to the iPad storage.

Repair The iOS System

Do your iPad screen still not work properly? You require to reset your iPad factory in DFU mode. Though it can fix your touch problem, however, you will lose your data from the device. If you do not want to lose the data from your device, you can take the help of third party software like iMyFone Fixppo. If you cannot reset your device factory, you can reach to the professionals of iPad repairs in Adelaide.

Turn off share iPad analytics 

In order to get rid of the unresponsive touch screen problem of your iPad, you can disable the share iPad analytics. You need to go to settings and then need to choose the privacy option. Now you should scroll down to find the option like Analytics. Once you disable the share iPad analytics, you may fix the unresponsive touch screen. If you are confused to do on your own, you can take the help of the experts. 

Final Words

If you find that your iPad touch screen not work properly, then you need to find whether it is a hardware issue or software issue at first and then fix the problem accordingly. 

Author's Bio: 

The author has had prior knowledge on iPad device repairing services and hence, writes content on how to fix the iPad touch screen not responding issue.