Everyone and his dog have heard about plywood in modern times. However, many people do not know what is it actually?

Some people think that it is some kind of wood found in nature whereas some people consider it a synthetic material.

Whether they know about it or not, but we certainly know about its qualities and usability. Before moving further, let’s have a quick recap about plywood.

It is a “manufactured” product

Yes, plywood is not found in nature just in the same form that you see in the shop. It is a sheet material that is brought to life by adding layers of wood veneer using a powerful glue. Plywood manufacturers in Bangalore use state-of-the-art methods to make the best plywood.

To give it super strength; each adjoining layer is rotated up to 90 degrees. Technically, the process is called “cross-graining.”

Because of cross-graining, plywood doesn’t split even when you nail it on edge. It reduces the shrinkage and expansion of the sheets due to weather.

The inner layers (or the “core” layers) determine the strength of a ply, its resistance against bending.
It is possible to manufacture all sizes of sheets of plywood (small to outsized) using the cross-graining method. Plywood doesn’t lose any effectiveness due to its size.
Where is plywood used?
Since it is available in an impressively comprehensive range of different types, the use and applications are varied. The plywood suppliers in Bangalore supply different types of plywood that have different properties. A particular category is more suitable for a specific application.

A large number of unique and exciting ways plywood can be used.
Interior applications

Interior designers and decorators make the best use of plywood in contemporary homes. It is a material that inspires all types of interior design at the same time; artistic, elite, and straightforward.
The versatility and scope of plywood are incredible. No wonder, it has become the foundation of the modern interior.

The qualities of plywood such as lightweight, durability, and style make it ideal for furniture. In modern homes, all furniture is made from plywood.

Plywood is considered an ideal medium for erecting walls and partitions. It has a warm and pleasing texture that can be stained, painted, or designed.

Plywood is a superb utility material. Therefore, it is considered ideal for home designs. Experts say that almost boundless arrays of low-cost options make plywood favorite of designers.

With its soothing and warm aura, plywood comes out as the best material for false ceilings.

What makes Shanthi Vijaya atop plywood manufacturer?
Shanthi Vijaya Sawmills is a manufacturer of good-quality plywood. It is a company that believes in supplying premium plywood through a network of Plywood dealers in Bangalore and the rest of the country.

The goal of the company is to offer material that is based on intense research and development. Thus, clients get good value for money.

Delivering affordable material in time without diluting quality parameters is the mission. Hence, it gains high levels of customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and irrevocable trust.

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