After a humbling 2020 and 2021 characterized by notorious covid-19 restrictions, the year 2023 has seen a revival of travel, as the top destinations for holidays are gradually opening up. This summer is the best time to rekindle our exploring game that had been disturbed due to the deadly pandemic.

It's a welcoming sign that major sporting events are going to take place this year and flight operations are returning to normal. For football fans, the year 2023 brings FIFA World Cup to Qatar, and everyone is eager to book their spots in the Middle Eastern Country. From the football World Cup in Qatar to Holland hosting the magnificent Floriade Expo, there are several reasons to be excited about traveling in 2023.

For beach lovers, it is exciting to know that the classic Caribbean Islands with Cruise are now easier to reach as major airlines have started flight operations. If you are looking for a perfect city break then what better option is there than the new European capital of culture?

Even in the UK, there is plenty to find in our foodie city hosting the commonwealth games. The countryside on the outskirts of Edinburgh and its coastal views are also worth visiting. With so little time and much to visit, let's check out our top destinations for the year 2023.

1. Almere, Holland

The Almere city of Holland is the top pick for our 2023 destinations as it is going to be a special year for the Dutch. The iconic Floriade floral spectacle is going to take place this year. This famous festival is held after every 10 years. This year, the festival will be held from April to October.

Holland is going to welcome everyone with its fascinating and unique floral decorations. These exhibitions are such a treat for both the mind and body. The theme of this festival is going to be sustainable cities emphasizing eco-friendly residential areas.

2. Kaunas, Lithuania

The Lithuanian city of Kaunas and Novi Sad of Serbia are the new European capitals of Culture for the year 2023. Both cities having great cultural heritage, have come into the spotlight and offer great traveling experiences to all the visitors.

If you are looking for a short European city break, with economical direct flights from the UK then your ideal travel destination is Kaunas. The beautiful city is famous for its tree-lined promenades along its historic architecture, street art, and high-class dining experience.
Kaunas also offers its visitors a visit to some of the most fascinating attractions such as Kaunas Castle and Pažaislis Monastery.

3. Egypt

2023 is going to be a big year for one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. This year, Egypt is going to celebrate its 100th independence anniversary and visitors can expect celebrations and festivals. The Grand Egyptian Museum is going to open its doors to visitors after a long time. If you have always wanted to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt, then now is the year to visit the land of Pharaohs

4. Azores, Portugal

The Portuguese island is truly a heaven on earth for nature lovers and now is the perfect time to explore this heavenly island. In terms of beauty. Its lush green fields and rustic sceneries are second to none. With its fascinating cuisines, gorgeous flora, and incredible crater lakes, the Azores provides visitors with a golden opportunity to reconcile with nature.

5. Oberammergau, Germany

The German town of Oberammergau is offering a unique experience this year with its 42nd edition of the famous Passion Play. The famous Christian festival comes once a decade and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from all across the world. A unique way to experience the Passion Play is by combining the tour with a trip to Italy and exploring the historic places of Roman culture in one go.

6. Jamaica

The beautiful scenery of Jamaica never fails to fill us with wanderlust vibes. If you are a movies enthusiast then you must know that the iconic scenes featuring James Bond were shot at the Port Antonio of Jamaica.
The island with its golden sand beaches dipping into the lush blue sea and vibrant sunshine make it a perfect pick for UK travelers who aspire to escape the cloudy and rainy English climate. The mesmerizing island is beautiful inside out.

7. Qatar

Qatar is going to be the most searched and visited travel destination this year. All eyes will be on it as it hosts the first ever FIFA World Cup to be held in an Arab country. Qatar is one of the most famous Middle Easter countries known for its mammoth skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and fine dining experiences. Explore the exquisite Arab culture while on your visit to Qatar. Combine your sporting holiday with sightseeing.

A destination that perfectly blends culture with modernity, Qatar is home to some of the most mesmerizing beaches that offer water sports activities. The country has fabulous architecture and inspiring museums. If you plan to visit Qatar, do not miss out on paying a visit to the Museum of Islamic Art and Souq Waqif.

8. Halki (Chalki), Greece

The historical Greek islands started to gradually open in 2021, but this year they are giving a full-fledged welcome to travel enthusiasts looking for a perfect holiday destination. This year, we have spotted one of its lesser known but equally amazing Halki Island; a place that offers a promising travel experience to visitors.
Halki represents near to authentic Greek culture. The captivating beauty of this historical island fills you with joy and amazement the moment you set eyes on it. It is highly recommended to visit its famous beaches. Immerse yourself in the coastal life of Halki with a visit to its three main beaches namely Pondamos, Kania, and Ftenagia.

9. Mauritius

The gorgeous green island has much to offer than its worthy beaches.
Mauritius was closed to travelers in 2021 but we can’t wait to plan our visit this year. Tourists can enjoy some of the best adventure sports like zip lining and diving. Apart from its water sports, the Island is famous for its luxury cuisines and friendly islanders.

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