Would you like to pursue a degree that has good earning potential? Do you want to be financially strong? There are some top online degrees that are linked to careers with high average salary. According to some career experts, top online degrees allow individuals to land high paying careers and reward them with highly professional skills that would make them a highly competitive candidate for prospective employers.

Here are listed top 5 online degrees that have potential to give your paycheck a healthy kick.

Business Administration Degree

Pursuing an online business administration degree is the best choice for those who want to hone their expertise and leadership skills. An online business administration degree allows students to earn good salary package while providing them with a solid understanding of operations management, financial management, and accounting. In an online business administration degree students might learn about how to budget, organize, plan and manage various kinds of organizations including small business to large corporations. In fact, your business administration degree will help you move the corporate ladder while helping you find a high-paying position. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, earning a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration may allow individuals to earn up to $142,040.


An online marketing degree program is especially intended to provide a solid background of advertising, marketing communications, and international marketing. Pursuing an online bachelor's degree in marketing helps students prepare for a career as a marketing manager. The earning potential of marketing degree holders is quite good; they may earn around $163,480 yearly.

Health Services Administration

If you want to acquaint yourself with health care systems, you are in luck, as a health services administration degree is considered as one of the top online degrees that will not only teach you about health care law and health care finance but also increase your earning potential. An online health services administration degree program helps you learn all aspects of overseeing health care facilities and the services. Health care is one of the more stable and progressive fields that offer high paying careers to eligible candidates in different areas such as hospitals, medical centers, government and research fields. The U.S. Department of Labor states that Health and medical services managers may earn a yearly average salary range between $96,030 to $112,690.

Information Technology

Students pursuing an online degree in IT are well versed in the latest tools and knowledge of computer science and computer programming. Students will also learn strong tech-savvy skills that can be utilized in helping to fix a variety of problems computer and IT systems related issues. An online bachelor's degree in IT and information systems, prepares you to pursue a cutting-edge position as a computer and information systems manager. Individuals may earn an annual salary of $145,550.


Accounting is one of the progressive fields that offer numerous high paying jobs to individuals holding an accounting degree. It is one of the top online degrees that prepare students to pursue a career with payback potential. Students pursuing an accounting degree are acquainted with accounting principles that enable them to analyze, and interpret financial data of a company. A bachelor's degree in accounting allows students to pursue an accounting career which has an average yearly salary ranges up to $85,070. These are a few top online degrees that you can pursue to improve your career skills and knowledge as well as prepare you for careers pay most.

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