Direct mailing is an important part of marketing campaigns, especially for small businesses. It is easy simple to implement as well as very cost effective. If you are in Dallas, there are lots of providers out there that can help with a company’s direct marketing efforts. Many Dallas direct mailing providers offer reasonable rates and packages. However, if one is not too careful, direct mailing can cause a business to lose money. To avoid this, you better watch out for the following common direct mailing mistakes:

1. Failing to use a sales letter in your mailings. The sales letter is the most important element of your direct mailing package. Keep in mind that a letter creates the aura of close personal message. No matter how attractive your brochures are, they are still considered advertising, which could turn off most direct mail recipients.

2. Taking the mailing list for granted. You should always remember that in direct mail marketing, the mailing list is not just a tool for reaching your target market. It is the market itself. You can obtain a list by putting together the data of customers who previously have availed of your offerings or at least responded to your or other promotions. You may also consider renting outside lists from a list broker. Many direct mailing services provide mailings lists so you may try them as well.

3. Focusing on the offer’s features instead of its benefits. You can talk about your product all you want but the customers are more interested on how they can benefit from you. So make sure that you address the needs and concerns of your target market in your letter.

4. Not including an offer. The worse thing that you can do than focusing on the features of the offer is not having an offer at all. But what is an offer, by the way? An offer is what the mail recipient gets once he acts on your mailing. Good direct mailers would sell the offer instead of the product itself. Avoid convincing people to buy your product. Instead, motivate them to at least show their interest by requesting for more information through phone or by replying to your mail. Make the offer in a manner that will heighten the recipient’s desire to request for whatever it is that you are offering.

5. Writing shallow copy and relying too much on pictures. Brochures are important marketing tool. They are designed to attract attention and you may include them to your direct mailing packages. However, direct mails in general are not meant to look cute. The main goal is to generate an appropriate response, not to be remembered for pretty images. So make sure to produce strong copy based on facts. Writing truthfully can help you create interesting copy that can be more powerful in engaging the readers than colorful pictures.

The best Dallas direct mailing provider can not doubt help you reach your target markets effectively. Just make it a point to avoid the above mistakes to secure your marketing goals.

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