Windshield replacement is a common problem. Many hazards can cause glass damage, but most people fail to understand the importance of fixing small scratches quickly. A reputable glass company should be selected to make auto glass repairs. Windshields are automotive safety devices, protecting passengers from many dangers. When auto glass or windshields are damaged, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass should be used that matches the automakers' specifications.

Auto glass repair can arrest damage such as small dings and scratches. DIY kits are practically worthless, because do-it-yourselfers do not have the experience of analyzing thousands of imperfections like auto glass technicians. Home repair kits have inferior-quality resins that do not prevent cracks from spreading. An experienced glass installer can make a simple repair in a few minutes; home repairs can take hours. Most people do not have vacuum pumps and miniature drills available either. Drills open up the cracked area to allow high-quality resin to penetrate the crack. Vacuums suck out the air so the resin can reach all areas of the crack. Glass technicians know how much pressure to apply without risking breaking windshields or auto glass. Price quotes for simple repairs are very reasonable, often costing a little as $20. Damage is arrested, and car owners can avoid windshield replacement. Even complex repairs seldom cost more than $100.

People have many misconceptions about insurance and windshield replacement. The top false impression people have is that filing an insurance claim for auto glass will cause premiums to rise. Glass damage can easily occur due to circumstances beyond an operator's control. Unless the driver is proven negligent or at fault, auto glass claims do not affect insurance premiums, no matter how often the claims are made. Insurance companies may limit the dollar amount of claims in a year, or deductibles may apply. Some states do not allow deductibles for relatively inexpensive glass repair, so insurance companies must pay the entire installation cost. Insurance companies may recommend a glass company to perform repairs, but consumers can choose any company they prefer in most states. Price quotes are less important than a reputation for quality glasswork.

People hate insurance paperwork, but often a professional glass company will handle all the details for filing an auto glass claim. One glass company touched off a scandal by offering steaks to customers with insurance. Some aggressive glass companies offer to pay the deductible for windshield replacement. In general, consumers should avoid these types of offers because they indicate a degree of desperation reminiscent of ambulance-chasing lawyers. Choose a professional company that gives competitive price quotes and emphasizes service.

Auto glass safety has been a concern for many years. Safety glass for windshields is tempered, making it is shatterproof-it breaks into tiny pieces if enough pressure is brought to bear. Passengers are protected from being cut by shards of glass in an accident. Glass may be tinted for ultraviolet protection, but the main safety function of glass is to protect passengers from wind, weather and road debris, which can be dangerous. Sometimes small rocks cause windshields to crack. Imagine if these rocks hit a person in the head at 70 miles an hour. Prompt repair can keep auto glass damage from spreading, requiring windshield replacement. Windshields also help support the car roof, and provide support for airbags in an accident.

A glass company, like any other business, can be reputable or shady. Choose auto glass repair or windshield replacement from a professional company that uses the highest quality OEM glass. Price quotes should be reasonable and not change depending on whether the driver has insurance coverage. If a glass installer offers to do a driver's laundry or buy dinner, then exercise some healthy skepticism.

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