If you are in search of men's health tips after 50 for weight loss or adopting a healthier lifestyle there are many different methods out there. As you may know and feel when you are on the other side of fifty, it is especially important to take care of your health. You have just reached the mid-life milestone and you could use that extra attention in your day to day routine. The reason this becomes more important as you age is your 50 your risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure increase. You will also find your energy, testosterone, and metabolism goes south which leads to several other lifestyle letdowns. However, it is not all downhill after 50. There are many things that you can do to make your life easier and healthier. It is never too late to start making life changes. Let us explore them a little more below.

Men's health tips after 50 to promote optimal nutritional

Take B12 supplements


Vitamin B12 is an extremely important type of Vitamin for healthy blood cells and the nerves of the body. This vitamin is also required for the making of the DNA. However, vitamin B12 is not available in its pure form and can be found in the protein food groups. It emits from the protein the process of digestion. Vitamin B12 is mainly present in food like fish and meat however if you are a vegetarian you can have B12 supplements too. B12 supplements are extremely important for your body.

Eat more Fruit


Fruits are known to be nature's candy. Sounds like such simple advice but research studies show that only 1 in 10 adults actually get the recommended daily amount. So don't be a statistic. Fruit is one of the main sources of vitamins and nutrients that are easily available and can upgrade your nutrition without impacting your blood sugar levels.

Calcium and vitamin D


Changes in hormones and gastric acids, happen to men around the age of 50 as they experience a significant drop in Vitamin D and the absorption of calcium. To counter that it is important that you have a sufficient amount in order to balance your body's requirement. Calcium and Vitamin D can be found in abundance from sources like milk, eggs, spinach, kale, broccoli, sardines, and yogurt. You can also find them in health supplements and simply add them to a smoothie or fresh juice.

Eat more Whole Grains


A whole-grain diet is recommended more than ever at the age of 50. If you haven't made the switch yet, to whole grain grains and flour now is the time. Not only do whole grains keep you full but they also maintain a steady release of sugar to the body. They are also packed with fiber to keep a healthy digestive system.

Make Your Own Juice

green juice to nurture body

As the transition from complex food to easy-to-digest food seems to be the theme of turning 50s, fresh juice might be the friends that you need at this time. As your digestion levels slow down around, opting for fruit and vegetable juices can help in faster absorption of food into the body. This is also a way to keep your body hydrated and improve the digestion process. Invest in a juice machine and make your own from home. It's easy and gives you a power punch of nutrients in one glass.


Fish Protein for Muscle Gain

Get more omega-3 fatty acids easily with the regular intake of fish. The fatty fish you consume gives you good amounts of omega-3 acids which are fatty acids that are an essential nutrient you need especially as you age. These omega 3's are essential for optimal nutrition. You can find rich amounts from fish like tuna, halibut, and salmon.

Healthy lifestyle tips for men age 50 and over

healthy lifestyle

This is great advice, for any age group or gender, but especially so for men 50 and over. When you hit 50, you need to take a little extra care and give your body a little extra loving. Abiding by these tips will ensure that you are still living your best life, even at 50. So let's take a look as it is never too late to start making healthy choices.

  • Be mindful of what you put into your body. Stick to a healthy diet, which makes it easier for your body to digest what you eat. Indulge in foods that are rich in nutrients and can nourish your body.
  • Be cognizant of your weight. Getting back to a particular weight at a certain age is harder, as your body is not ready to bounce quite as quickly. Maintaining a healthy weight is a surefire way to avoid many health conditions.
  • Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, as our body needs more rest than ever at this age. If you have a hard time getting the required amount of sleep, get to bed earlier and limit nighttime distractions.
  • Get moving and stay physically active. Indulging yourself in as much physical activity as you can. It will also keep you from getting lethargic and boost your overall mood.
  • Smoking is not good at any age, and should be avoided once you hit 50. Your body is not as immune as it used to be in its peak, and smoking will decrease your immune system and increase your chances of acquiring diseases.
  • Alcohol is another one of those factors which should be carefully considered at this age and should be restricted to two drinks a day. Any more than the suggested amount and many bodily ailments can come to light with excessive alcohol consumption.
  • It is important to do routine exams and screenings. Sometimes, you never know what is going on in your body. Taking annual doctor visits and doing complete body check-ups is a mandate when you hit 50 if you don't like surprises.

Men's health tips after 50- Using Special Diets!

Men's diet tips over 50

Weight Loss Diet

Over the age of 50, your metabolism slows down which means that you cannot lose fat as quickly as before. However, it is important to restrict your calorie intake if you want to lose weight. It means keeping track of your nutritional data and average calorie intake. Restrict the use of bad fat which can again lead to cardiovascular diseases. If reducing a certain food type proves to be difficult, you can try to reduce the portion instead so that will help you in your weight loss journey.

Muscle Building Diet

weight loss diet

All men over 50, will experience sarcopenia, age-related muscle loss, roughly 3-5 % a year. To combat this it is important to think about your food intake and implement a muscle-building diet. When you age your testosterone levels also drop. In order to gain muscles, you cannot eat the same indulgent foods you used to have when you were younger. For the average male, you need to prepare a diet plan of 2500 calories per day. Based on your current height and weight you may have to adjust this number of calories up or down.

Another important tip is to evenly distribute your calorie intake and spread them out throughout meals and snacks and not in one huge meal. Make sure your calories give you the biggest impact and stock up on healthy food. Take all of the temptation foods out of your kitchen. The more you can't easily access them, the more likely you will be to make good food decisions.

Blood Pressure Diet

green diet

If you over the age of 50, your blood pressure level might be your biggest enemy. To keep your blood pressure levels at the ideal number, is important to have a well-rounded diet. You can also try the dash diet which has been attributed in helping to stop hypertension. This style Introduces a regular diet including more healthy vegetables and seasonal fruits. It should ideally include poultry items whole-grain foods, beans, nuts, fresh vegetable oils and seeds as a part of its core diet products. You should keep the intake of sugary beverages and red meats to a minimum

Aging will happen no matter and there is no getting around that fact. Aging is natural and is the body’s way of urging you to take care of your body by eating well and maintaining the basic levels of fitness. There are certain things that you can do to make the transition to old age a little easier on your body and adopt certain habits to prepare for the inevitable. This way you can age with grace and good health just by doing certain exercises and having the right diet.  Upgrading your diet and making good decisions is always important and in fact, your body needs it now more than ever! So go out to the park, breathe in some fresh air, eat mindfully and healthily, and you will do just fine. Meanwhile, enjoy your fifties.

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