As an international student aspiring for an MBA in USA the basic requirement is to face the entrance test for admission. The primary tests are Business Aptitude and Language Proficiency. While the former is GMAT the latter is either the TOEFL or IELTS. That is not the end of the story, as MBA in USA is for candidates with working experience. That certainly is a deterrent unlike India where being a fresher is no disqualification. But do not lose heart. While working experience is recommended, the Ad Com also lets in fresher students with talent and potential in some of the top US Universities in the country.

Top MBA US Universities for Fresh Students:

The best part about US Universities entertaining fresh candidates for MBA is that some of the top ranked ones in USA and the world allow such concession. Let us check out:

1. Harvard Business School: Located in Boston, Massachusetts, HBS is famed for its hands on education. Additionally the MBA students can opt for dual degrees in some of the finest institutes in the world.

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business: It is located in Palo Alto. California offering the best environment for MBA education.

3. Wharton: It is located in Philadelphia and affiliated to the University of Pennsylvania. One of the first business schools in USA, it has a campus in San Francisco also.

4. Sloan School of Management (MIT): Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it offers business education with a broad slant with a global focus.

5. Chicago Booth School of Business: Located in Illinois, it is affiliated to the University of Chicago.

6. Columbia Business School: It is located in New York and affiliated to the Columbia University.

7. Carey Business School: The John Hopkins MBA School is located in Maryland grounded in the legacy of excellence.

8. Robert H Smith School of Business: It is affiliated to the University of Maryland which is committed to social entrepreneurship.

9. Stern School of Business: Under New York University, it offers MBA in general Management with specialization in entrepreneurship, innovation or luxury marketing.

10. Haas School of Business – Berkley: Affiliated to the University of California, it enjoys a location advantage in the midst of business in San Francisco.

Who is it best suited for?

It is ideally suited for fresh graduates who can immediately enroll for MBA in USA without a break in studies. The outcome is that the graduates are fairly young when they are ready to assume leadership roles in the business world. Even it works well for students who are in some form of internship to maintain continuity.

Career prospects for MBA without prior work experience:

It needs to be importantly noted that the B-Schools admitting fresh graduates are among the top rung in the world, not to mention USA. Though only ten are listed, there are a host of other top schools accommodating a fresher. It helps MBA graduates from such schools to seek a career in the corporate world at entry level and middle management positions at an early age.


Though top B-schools accommodate fresh graduates, it should be remembered that work experience is preferred. Notwithstanding, there are few advantages:

• Early Start
• Greater opportunity to develop skills
• Grow business experience
• Save time as the education in unbroken.


While there are advantages, on the flip side, there ought to some disadvantages too.

• Lack of work experience is a hindrance to connect with some MBA content
• Job prospects are lower than experienced graduates.
• Weakened network


It is not only in India that a fresh graduate cam aim for an MBA after the bachelors; in USA too, there are a host of top business schools who offer seat to fresh candidates who lack work experience. However it is important to note that work experience is still preferred and the relaxation pertains to exceptionally bright candidates who have talent and potential to succeed as business leaders.

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