It’s your date night and you’re absolutely ready to win him over with your looks. So – here we are – ready with our comprehensive list of the impeccable beauty tips for your date night. You can consult a credentialed makeup artist in Delhi and you will actually come to know that these tips are infallible. Read on!

Should you get a facial done before your date?

Quite contrary to what most of your friends will suggest, do let us tell you that you should not really get a facial done just before your date night. In case of minor break-outs you can get it done a few days before your date night.

It all starts at your home

You might as well be hitting a beauty parlor to get your hair, makeup and nails done. Please make sure that the real preparation still starts at home. Step int the shower and do make sure that you are applying vitamin E or a moisture mask on your face. The heat of the shower will actually penetrate your skin to render a dewy touch to it. You know how fiercely the makeup artists endorse flawless skin. Following this particular tip will actually help you stay sorted in this regard.

No Dramatic Changes Please!

Please don’t go for a drastically different hair color or haircut just before the date night. And, we have got several reasons to suggest that. If it’s your first date with him, he wouldn’t really have to come to terms with the “change” in you. But you yourself will have to do that. A dramatic haircut or haircolor is something that we take time to process or come to terms with. You may or may no be comfortable with the new haircut. If you are not comfortable, then your discomfiture will show on your face. If it’s your second or third date, then it must be said that he already likes you the way you are. There is no need to change that.

A Rejuvenating Salt Bath

If you are feeling bloated or unfit, you can definitely try an Epsom Salt bath. Just add two cups of Epsom salt to your bath and stay seated for ten to fifteen minutes it will help your body get rid of the toxins.

It doesn’t really start with the foundation!

What’s beneath that foundation? Please remember that your actual makeup starts beneath that foundation. Do make sure that you have a perfect canvas for your date look. Pluck, prime and conceal. You can start off with an illuminizing primer and follow it up with the foundation. The primer creates the impeccable base while the illuminizer will help you maintain your radiance throughout the date.

Hopefully, these beauty tips will help you lot while you are heading out for your date night. You can talk to a Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi for further details in this regard!

Keep a good lip balm with you and make sure you are moisturizing your lips on a consistent basis without fail.

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