People working with laptops are from time to time plagued by a wide range of issues, some of which gets so complicated that the gadget needs to be taken care of by quality computer repair centres in Forest Lake or any other place, depending upon where you stay. 

Here in this chapter, we discuss some of the most common issues that laptops face from time to time. 

Loud fan sound or heating, followed by sudden shutting down 

As laptops are moved from one place to another, this can lead to limited air intake by the fan. When this happens, this gives them a lot of chances to drag a lot of dust as well as foreign particles, into the cooling system through the fan portal. 

This may be at times limited by using the laptop on a hard surface, but still, this does not eradiate the problem to the fullest extent.

Laptop running too Slowly

This is a very common problem that the laptop users face, wherein the laptop starts running excruciatingly slow, and even at times it goes to the extent of standing still. This in many cases happens due to the space issues in the hard disk, though there are other reasons as well. It happens at times due to malware or virus presence, or at times, it might be the initial signs of an equipment failure. Thus, if that happens and your laptop keeps on getting slower and slower, it is best and the safest step to take your laptop to a reputed computer repair centre at Forest Lake, depending upon where you stay. 

The battery does not last long enough

One of the most adorable USPs of a laptop is that it runs without a wire. However, while on one hand this is an advantage, on the other hand, there is a constant fear that the battery might drain out a bit too fast. And the fact is that this IS one of the issues that people face while using their laptop. At times, they find that the battery of their laptop is running out of juice a bit too fast. 

Again, there may be a wide range of reasons behind this issue, and it is best to take your gadget to a seasoned technician who can do the necessary diagnosis and repair. 

Bad Memory

Memory-related issues are often triggered off by BAD_POOL_HEADER in the BSOD or Blue Screen of Death. However, this is not the only reason why it happens. This also happens due to malfunctioning of the components that might be connected to your laptop, and not necessarily with the memory of your laptop itself. 

Also, if you have made a recent system change, this can lead to the occurrence of BSOD accompanies by Bad Memory issue. 

Faulty BIOS Settings

Too many BIOS utilities will offer the users a wide plethora of advanced system tweaks or settings. Some of them will let the users make a lot of changes in the setting like changing the clock speed, the timing of memories, and change other critical system settings. 

However, when people tamper with these settings, they invariably draw them into troubles as the BIOS settings get faulty. This happens more so when the users are not familiar with dealing with the system settings. This, in these cases, you need to take your laptop to a quality laptop repair centre in Gold Coast or any other place. 

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The author runs computer repair centres in Ipswich, Forest Lake, Gold Coast, and is a seasoned technician. The author also is an avid blogger.