The landscaping style that you adopt for your property surely and unmistakably underlines your style statement and your aesthetic preference. Now trends in every facet of life change with time, and how can landscaping concepts escape this change? Hence, with the time you must change your preference to be in tune with the flow and to make sure that your property remains very contemporary in terms of look and feel. 

Here on this page, we discuss a few latest trends in x and other suburbs in Perth are expected to see this year. This will also help you to follow the trend and opt for your suitable style. 

Low maintenance Variety

Manicured green is still a symbol of sophistication and a household in the pink of health and glory. Now when it comes to ensuring that greenery, there are two options now – either going for the natural grass, which needs a lot of care or the artificial grass, which is the low maintenance variety of greenness. The latest trend is all about going for the artificial turf, which ensures green unabated sans much maintenance cost. 

Bringing the indoor our in the lawn

Using the landscaping for entertainment and spending some leisure moments with family and friends is the new in-thing. Outdoor rooms with outdoor furniture and upholstery are the new trend in this year. Thus, creating a landscape that suits the set of outdoor furniture should be in your plans if you are rethinking your landscaping design at your home in Mandurah. If the landscaping is done in a proper way, it creates an outstanding effect. 

Regenerative & Organic Gardening 

Sustainable and organic landscaping is not only a mere trend. It is also the result of a global movement in the battle against the menace called climate change. Besides offering health benefits, this particular landscape design will help in the nurture of companion plants and open various avenues of organic gardening.

Vertical garden landscaping

This is all set to be the most happening trend of landscaping and gardening in 2020 more so, for those staying in small apartments or homes. This landscaping concept supports the growth of plantations that grow vertically with the use of a trellis. It is a fantastic way of using space, adding an accent to the space. 

Using Minimalistic lighting 

This is another concept of landscaping concept in Mandurah, wherein shades and used aplenty so that the trees do not get direct sunlight for most of the day, and even at night, the lighting arrangement is such that the effect is minimalistic and the sources are hidden. 

Lighter colours 

Thanks to the searing heat of the Australian summer, the new trend of landscaping is all about using lighter colour palettes. This has a two-fold effect. One, the space looks brighter, and there is lesser chance of the shades of the retaining walls and other smooth surfaces getting fade due to constant exposure to Australian heat and humidity.

Thus you see, these are some of the most happening trends of landscaping, that have surfaced up with the turn of the new year. 

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The author runs a landscape design company in Mandurah and is also a regular blogger. The author is also a renowned landscaping expert and consultant.