Looking for top industrial manufacturing companies in the USA? Then you are in the right place.

The below listed are the top industrial HVAC transformers in the USA.

1. Glen Magnetics

They manufacture different types of transformers, such as isolation transformers, rectifier transformers, autotransformers, high voltage transformers.., etc. They are one of the most popular industries in New Jersey. They also manufacture other goods related to transformers.

2. Safeguard associates

They deal with manufacturing transformers related to commercial purposes and also for other household purposes. It is an industry from Cleveland.

3. MPS Industries

These industries deal with manufacturing transformers and many other goods relating to transformers, audio...etc.These industries are located in California.

4. Addison Electronics

These electronics are popularly known for their current transformers and manufacture other electronics goods too.

5. OTP Industrial Solutions

This company is located in Columbus, and it manufactures transformers, pumps, and other equipment needed while dealing with a transformer.

6. Southeastern Security Professionals

This company manufactures lighting related to transformers, alarms, and other security systems. This company is located in Georgia.

7. Pico Electronics

This company manufactures miniature transformers, inductors, AC&DC converters, etc. This industry is located in New York. They also make other stuff like military equipment.

8. Lenco Electronics

This industry is from Illinois. The manufacturer and autotransformers also store constant voltage.

9. Bruce Electric Equipment Corp

This industry manufactures UPS protectors, surge suppressors, circuit breakers, generators, and different types of transformers. They also distribute transformer switches, transformers., etc. This industry is located in New York. They also offer repair services.

10. Triad Magnetics

This industry is from California. They manufacture magnetic parts, renewable energy, medical, power, conversion and measurement, high voltage transformers, supplies, inductors, chokes, sample kits, wall-plugins, etc.

These are the minor industries that supply in the USA. There are a few other major industries that exist not in the USA but all over the world. Let's take a look at those industries.

1. Mitsubishi Electronics

This is a Japan originated company that manufactures transformers other than its electronic products. This company is very popular and known all over the world.

2. General Electrics

This company is also GE in short. This is one of the oldest and famous companies in the world. This company has a huge reputation from all the years till now. This is an American based company. It manufactures industrial transformers, voltage transformers, and many other electrical related products.

3. ABB

This company manufactures SA transformers. This is a Switzerland originated company. It also manufactures power transformers, distribution transformers, etc.; It is also one of the popular transformers manufacturing companies in the world.

4. Siemens

This is a German originated company. This company stands second in revenue in the whole world after general electric. This company manufactures many types of transformers, such as phase transformers, smart transformers.. etc. It is one of the top companies in the world

These are the top companies in the USA and the world which manufactures transformers and other electrical tools.

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