Football is one of the many sports that make the players fit as a fiddle. It involves continuous motion and so the players must be full of energy and zeal! You can make your kids master this sport with the help of the correct equipment and training. It is often said that practice makes a man perfect, but it is equally important to practice in the correct manner.

This article highlights the several drills that will play a vital role in improving your kids’ football playing skills:


You will have to be at your very best at this game. A little miss and your opponent will run away with the ball. You will have to place the ball between your feet with your legs as wide as your shoulders followed by knocking the ball as fast as you can while using an instep!


It is important for the kids to have football training equipment, but what is more important is the use of skills to be able to dodge the enemy on the field. One such way is to use the technique of drag and push. The ball starts in front of you, then gradually drag it back using the sole of your feet. Thereafter push the ball forward at a slight angle using your laces. Stop the ball and then pull it back. Push it forward and then continue the drill.


In order to learn this drill, you will have to be really swift! At first you need to start with the ball kept slightly in front of you. Using the instep of one foot you will have to play the ball side wards! Next you will have to use the outside of the other foot play the ball in the same direction. Thereafter use the inside of your right foot to pass the ball in the opposite direction. With your left foot, start playing the ball in the same direction. Continue this exercise till you master it!


In order to learn this drill you will have to knock the ball in between your feet. Do it as quickly as you can, you may also use the instep. So once the ball has hit the inside of your right foot and then at the left foot. Now you will have to perform a step over with the help of your right foot so long as the ball is moving. Once your foot reaches the outside, you will have to again perform this with a fast feet repeat and continue to do a step over using your left foot. In order to master this skill, you will have practice it by finding a rhythm.

Every sport has its own set of rules and discipline. These inculcate in your child the importance of time and following a set routine. Leading your life in a disciplined manner is sure to make you a lot more organized and efficient. Teach your kid to play football and make them adopt the above drills to become better in the game!

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