Those flaming little fleas sure can cause misery on the life of your dog. There are papa fleas and mama fleas, grandpa and grandma fleas, and baby fleas that can live gladly on your dog while feasting on its blood and laying multiple eggs. Your poor dog will become itchy and red, and begin to whine and scratch all the time. Surely you don’t want your dog to have to go through this. While no one treatment will completely eliminate your flea problem, this article highlights some of the best flea treatments for dogs that you may want to consider.

Flea Treatment Products

Flea shampoo is perhaps the best initial flea control method, killing most adult fleas and washing off the eggs. A good flea bath goes a long way to getting rid of the fleas on your pet. It would be best to follow up with one of the enduring prevention methods below.

Flea spray can kill around 98 percent of fleas. These spray bottles are very easy to use and can kill both flea eggs and adult fleas. If your dog has issues with taking a bath, or as a spot treatment after the bath, a flea spray can be very effective. The spray bottle can be sprayed on your dog’s bed and any other place where the dog spends more time, helping to control fleas in the house.

Flea Powder can control insect growth by killing fleas and their eggs. This powder inhibits the production and further expansion of these insects. Like the flea spray, the powder is a topical treatment and can be used on your pet and in the home to thwart future generations of fleas. Care should be taken to avoid you or your pet from breathing in the powder when applying it.

Flea drops soak into your dog’s skin and kill fleas over an extended time of about one month. Although this method can be used as an initial treatment, it works best as a follow-up or prevention method.

Flea pills are very similar to the drops as they control fleas over an extended time, and can provide a good level of prevention without an oily mess on your dog’s skin and fur. This could be a good method when kids are present to avoid them coming into contact with the chemicals used in flea drops, powders, and sprays.

Flea collars work pretty well as a deterrent and prevention method, but probably not as effective on a full-blown infestation.

Home Remedies

For those of you who don’t like using store-bought products with chemicals in them can gather a few homemade flea remedies that you may want to try. Remember these may not be as effective as the store-bought variety, but with a little persistence, they can work well for you.

Flea Comb: You can use a flea comb to eliminate flea and flea larvae. This should be performed daily or weekly depending on the extent of the dog flea infestation. When combing, concentrate on problem areas such as the belly and legs. Once you are done, put the flea comb in a solution made of water and dish-washing soap in order to prevent these pesky pests from spreading in the entire house.

Homemade Flea Spray: This is another effective homemade remedy for controlling fleas. Put 2 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of cedar wood oil and 20 ounces of lukewarm water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well and spray the mixture over the pet’s coat. The essential oil would evaporate faster, so apply it many times a day to enhance its effectiveness.

Citrus Repellent: Start by cutting a lemon into a few small pieces and then put them in a small jug. Add hot water to the pieces and allow it to stand for about 12 hours; preferably overnight. After that, fill the lemon water in a bottle and then use it to repel fleas. Spray the water in large quantities over the dog’s fur, around the head, under the armpits, behind the ears and near the tail base. This natural control spray can help to repel fleas.

Herbal Flea Dip: Use this solution after a bath. Soak 2 cups rosemary in about one liter of hot water for half an hour. Strain and discard the leaves. Increase the amount of the liquid by adding 1 gallon of lukewarm water. Pour the liquid to saturate the pet’s coat. Don’t rinse off the solution and allow the dog to dry naturally.

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