You may have a valuable piece that you may be planning to move internationally or anywhere across the country. Unfortunately, regardless of the sculptures' size, value, or age, they are mostly bulky and surprisingly very delicate. Thus, a combination can make these art pieces extremely stressful to move, especially for a long distance.

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If you are moving a sculpture a long distance which can be across the country or internationally, you can make use of the following five options:

Renting A Truck And Moving Your Items By Yourself

Opting for this option is preferred for short-distance moves. If you are moving across town and are capable enough to load and unload your items with a little help from your friends or family, it is the most affordable option to choose.

How To Load Sculptures In Any Vehicle?

Suppose you have a small art piece or have a large sculpture that can be easily disassembled into small pieces that can pass through your car doors, pack it nicely and fit into your vehicle instead of a truck to ensure safe transportation. Here you have better control of temperatures, and you can even keep an eye on delicate pieces.

Unless you have a large sculpture, your personal car or small van is enough for the move. But with large art pieces, you need to pack them nicely and put them carefully onto the moving truck.

Hiring Professional Fine Art Shipping Companies

For people who do not want to go through any hassle of packing, moving, loading, and unloading their expensive and delicate belongings, then it is best to hire one of the most experienced and professional fine art shipping companies. Hiring an expert is excellent for local, across the country, and international fine art shipping in NYC.

However, you need to pack extra for the packing services, especially for the large sculptures. In other cases, the moves team won't pack your delicate art pieces the way they will pack your furniture.

Make Use Of Parcel Shipping Services

Parcel shipping services are quite similar to private courier services. You can even pay additional shipping charges for an express delivery option. It is a commonly used option by gallery owners and artists. Besides that, it is a great option for those who are planning to make a long-distance household move with lighter pieces to ship.

Consolidated freight is an ideal option for heavier pieces or large art collections.

When you use parcel shipping services, you must know about the parcel's dimensions and weight. The shipments are mainly priced on how much it weighs; however, the space that it takes up on the moving vehicle can also impact its cost.

Rideshare Shipping Service

It is like a carpooling system for the shipments. There are online platforms where you can post your sculpture, and any potential shipping partner traveling in the same direction will bid on the shipment. These shipping people can be anyone from a fine art shipping company to a truck operator. Then it is in your hands to opt for one of them and negotiate the shipping cost.

Before you decide, it is crucial to understand that the potential shipping partner is qualified enough to handle any delicate item. In addition, they must be able to offer a safe transportation environment to reduce the risk of any damage.

The Consolidated Freight System

When you use this shipment system, your art pieces will be accommodated with other art pieces on the truck heading in the same direction. In addition, you may need to pay only for the space that your shipment takes up on the truck. Thus, it costs you quite inexpensively, especially for a larger art or sculpture collection.

The insured and licensed company provides such services for fine art shipping in NYC. The consolidated freight providers provide the following services to the clients:

* Temperature Controlling System In The Shipment Vehicle
* Custom Shipping Crates
* Air-Ride Suspension
* Safe Loading And Unloading Manually Or Through A Crane
* Varied Packing Services Based On Your Article

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