Most of us have had those moments when we have champagne taste on a beer budget, and it even more common when considering renovations. You pin down a reputable designer and show them your Pinterest boards for the final look you would like for your residence. But you are snapped back to reality after getting a rundown of the amount of money it will cost you to get that look.
You have probably been wondering whether it is possible to cut down costs of rather undertake residential renovations on a budget. Well, it is; and we will show you how.

Trick One: Source Your Own Fittings and Fixtures
We live in a world where there is easy access to a huge range of tapware at affordable prices. You can, and you should take the responsibility of finding and ordering items for your residential or commercial renovations. Online shopping platforms have made it increasingly easy to locate and order items for renovations.
Ordering the renovation items on your own will remove the markup that your trader would have passed to you or their charge on the time they spend outsourcing an buying the items.

Trick Two: Plumbing Placement
When people say that maintaining your plumbing in their current locations when doing your commercial or residential renovations will help you save money they’re right. A laundry room, kitchen or bathroom renovation will be much cheaper if you don’t move the main plumbing services from their current location. By all means, upgrade your shower and toilet if you wish, just doesn’t remove them from their locations. If it is necessary to move them, aim for the smallest degree of movement possible. So when making a decision on shifting your toilet from one end of the room to the other, make sure that your budget is comfortable with the move and also consult your plumber.

Trick Three: Spray Your Exterior Bricks
If your residential or commercial renovations involve a brick house, you may think that the only option of getting your desired look is to render it. Well, what if we told you that using standard exterior paint to spray the bricks is cheaper than a render and when done by a professional will lead to the same outlook? If you love a rendered look so much you can still do it for the front facade but spray paint the back and sides of the house.

Trick Four: Don’t Tile from Floor to Ceiling
We understand that an all-white bathroom or kitchen is really tempting. However, if you’re trying to save some pennies from this renovation, then you can still achieve a beautiful look by tiling only 1.2 meters up from the floor (except shower recess) and then have the rest of the wall painted. This will not just result in a bathroom with a calmer feel and fewer hard surfaces it will also cut your tiling bill almost in half.

Trick Five: Stick to the Plan
One of the reasons why most residential renovations NJ blow out of the budget is because someone decides last minute to include something that was not there when the budget was being drawn. Small variations that may appear harmless like a change in bath or faucet can be an additional cost if the plumber had already budgeted with your initial preference.

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