A sure way to potentially incur negative karma and make your future fate more difficult is to align your actions with spiritual myths.

It’s understandable that competing philosophies and beliefs on planet Earth can easily snag those who are trying to do the right thing. Fortunately, you have the free will to exercise your critical thinking skills, hone your objectiveness, expand your unconditional love, and sharpen your intuition, all of which will help you find the truth.

Below are five spiritual myths to be aware of in order to make the most of your life and future incarnations.

1. “Meditation opens you to dark energies and blocks religion.” Recently we overheard someone say she would never meditate because meditation blocks Jesus and opens you to darkness. It’s unclear from where this notion originates, but nothing could be further from the truth. Meditation is simply detaching from your conscious thoughts through intense focus. In fact, it’s actually easier to commune with God (or whomever you pray to) while in a meditative state. Meditation gets rid of monkey mind; you surrender the attachment to mental gymnastics and let go. One drawback of meditation, if you chose to perceive it that way, is that those new to it may find repressed memories and emotions surfacing while in practice.

2. “If only the human race could defeat the forces of evil, then there would be peace on earth forever.” Our long-term findings firmly show there is a polarity in this mundane dimension, which means that opposites will always exist. Hot and cold, dark and light, up and down, sadness and happiness, peace and war, good and evil, and so on. There won’t ever be permanent peace on this planet because miscreants will always exist.

3. “The forces of evil control the human race on planet Earth and operate through the world’s billionaires.” The real evil is class warfare and employing it earns you negative karma. The human race is not enslaved, and there’s nobody to overthrow to save the planet. Our long-term findings show that the source of the wide range of human suffering isn’t a mystery; the laws of karma and personal fate dictate what is and what will be in each person’s life.

4. “There’s plenty of money in the world, it’s just in the wrong hands,” says the politician who will say anything for votes. Sounds like a fun game, one that we can play too: There are plenty of beautiful women in the world, but they are just in the wrong hands. In other words, if you vote for us, we’ll promise to steal the beautiful women from the men we deem unworthy and give them to you. Sounds ridiculous, right? The point is, no matter how much money someone has, if they earned it honestly, nobody has the right to take it from them. Wealth can be spiritual too, particularly for those who help others. There’s nothing evil about being rich, but there is negative karma in store for those who aim to steal other people’s money.

5. “You are the captain of your fate and can create the life you desire.” It may surprise you that we believe this to be true, but in a different way than you may think. We firmly embrace the theories of personal fate and karma, along with reincarnation. We also believe, based on our empirical, esoteric research, you are the captain of your fate, the key circumstances and events in your life, while in sprit form on the other side, before you incarnate. It seems that your soul, in-between lifetimes, has the option (in concert with spiritual guides) of choosing an incarnation and the key life events likely associated with it based on what your soul needs to experience for growth. But it also may be far more complex than that, in that predetermination, synchronicity, and interconnectedness of all things make that "choice" on the other side almost as if it's not a choice at all. As a soul you are as receptive to earthly challenges as you are rewards. It’s your personality, once incarnated that has a problem with life’s difficulties. You are also the captain of your fate in how you respond to each life circumstance and event; responding with unconditional love and right action will make your future fate as good as it can be.

Striving to seek the truth in all things and avoiding the trap of spiritual myths will make the most of your karma and personal fate.

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