When social media emerged in the early 2000s, its initial purpose was to remove the geographical barriers among people living far distances. To gives a virtual place for different cultures to mingle & nurture each other.
Bu in the last some years, social media has taken a totally different role of working as an advertising platform where small or large businesses can create brand awareness & make sales by attracting its huge audience base. This has paved the way for the emergence of a new profession called social media marketer who has expertise in generating content-rich posts for their client’s social media accounts. They emphasize getting higher engagement(likes, shares & comments) on the posts of their clients & the increase in auto followers FB or increase in Instagram followers.
But this is a daunting task & social media marketers are employing tools that simplify their workload.
So here I have discussed the top five tools that are mostly used by social media marketers:-
BUFFER: - A tool that allows its user to well-organized a long array of social media accounts with the help of just a single dashboard. It also has a chrome extension that makes it easier to schedule & share posts on different social media sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn simultaneously.
SOCIAL CLOUT: - many times clients ask me about how to increase followers on Instagram or on any other social site. My answer is always that they must focus on getting higher engagement on their posts. So here we have a tool that helps you out in tracking & analyzing engagement generation through your posts. This tool is beneficial in calculating a Proper ROI as well as formulating a plan about the Postings.
FEEDLY: - An all-rounder tool for professional social media marketers Feedly has greatly simplified the task of content research for the marketers. All you need to do is just put your ideations on autopilots along with the RSS of your favorite blogs & writers & allow Feedly to gets you all industry trends & current updates. Feedly is also a better option as it provides integration with scheduling tools like Hootsuite.
SMM PANEL: - Yes, I am right. SMM panel or Social media marketing panel is a tool through which you can buy Instagram followers, auto followers FB & engagement materials for different social media sites. SMM panels provide you the necessary engagement on your posts from organic & genuine accounts so that you could secure more visibility for your daily posts.
CANVA: - Truly speaking to be a social media marketer, you don’t need to be good at graphic design. But to get higher engagement on your posts or increase in Instagram followers you must have posts attractive with catchy graphics. So Canva tool is for non-designers like you who can turn their posts impressive with a large range of templates, fonts & colors available with it.
So there are some of the most trending tools that are used by social media marketers to raise engagements on their client’s respective social accounts.

Author's Bio: 

This article is penned by Dwivid Sharma. He is a digital marketing trainer at IICEducation.