Direct mail marketing may seem easy to implement but don’t be fooled. Without carefully planning the whole thing, you can guarantee that your campaign will become a resounding failure.

To give you a little heads up, here are the worst mistakes you can possibly make in direct mail marketing, along with some tips on how to create an effective campaign that can generate good customer response.

1. Using an inaccurate mailing list
Sending your mails to the wrong people is the biggest mistake that you can make in implementing your direct mailing campaign. Even with a great ad copy or eye-catching graphics, your mails are practically useless unless they reach your target consumer. Be sure that you buy your mailing lists only from reputable companies. You may check out several Dallas direct mailing service provider that offer mailing lists for sale or lease and choose one that can meet your requirements.

2. Crowded layout
When you put everything but the sink onto the layout of your material, you are only succeeding in confusing your readers. Direct mailing requires you to be direct with your message. Otherwise, you are just taking up too much of your customers’ time and they will get turned off by such display of busy and confusing layout. So you better avoid cramming too many visual elements into your direct mail materials.

3. Creating unattractive copy
Once you reach the right market, your message should to its job of grabbing the readers’ attention right away. Most of the time, people would just browse the material. But the elements that create a good impression are the overall appearance and the key phrases that stand out. Only then will the prospect read the copy. So make sure that your ad is very appealing visually that it makes the headline and the rest of the copy to stand out. Create copy that is simple to understand, straightforward, and calls for urgent response. Check that it is free from typos, bad grammar, or misspelled words so the readers won’t see a reason to doubt your credibility and make them respond positively.

4. Not including a call to action
Direct mailing is one of the most aggressive marketing strategies. So maximize it by include a "call to action" – a simple, straightforward phrase that motivates the consumers to respond. State clearly what it is that you want them to do, whether you want them to call your office to learn more about your offer or visit your store to avail of the current discount promos.

5. Doing everything yourself
There’s nothing wrong with taking on several key tasks required in developing a good direct mailing campaign. However, unless you have a great eye for design or you have the right equipment to produce the mail pieces for the marketing package, it is doubtful that you will able to implement an effective campaign for your business. It is advisable to hire a reliable Dallas direct mailing company so you can minimize, if not avoid, the chances of committing costly mistakes.

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