As you stride higher in your academic life, writing essays becomes more and more crucial. While in the beginning, it may just be a part of your curriculum, eventually your grades will depend on it as well. In due course of time, especially during college admissions, essay writing will be a deal maker or breaker. In the same light, essay help is becoming very important to students.

This is not to say that students should simply off load their academic work to online platforms. Rather, they should leverage the available online resources to build robust and impressive essays which can fetch very good marks.

Undoubtedly, writing a good essay is a work of patience, commitment and determination. However, noone said that you have to do all the work alone. Don’t mistake this to mean that you should cheat and find the easy way out. That’s a complete No! Nevertheless, seeking online essay help
assistance to write your essays in a better manner is definitely not beyond any boundaries.

In fact, essay help is seen to be an effective tool to help students gain the right skills to build impressive essays. The idea here is not to have others do the work for you. Rather, essay help must be seen as a way to supplement your efforts to ensure better results.

Essay Help Tools

While now we understand that writing essays is an important part of academic life. Let’s turn our attention to understanding how these essays can be made impressive. A sure shot method is to take the help of essay help tools. Contrary to popular opinion, these tools do not promote cheating or any other kind of fraudulent activity. In fact, their only aim is to help students improve the essays they put together to get better grades. While writing essays, it is normal to make grammatical mistakes, or get copyright issues.

There are essay help tools to alert the writer about the various problems with their essay. The objective is to have a world class essay as the net result which can fetch you great grades. While there are numerous essay help tools in the online marketplace today, we have handpicked the top 5 that can help you submit state of the art essays and boost your grades.


Let us begin the list with one of the most popular essay help tools, Grammarly. In fact, Grammarly’s adoption is not limited to essay writers, most people use it to check and improve any piece of writing they engage in. the purpose of Grammarly is simple, to help the writer identify and correct any typos. These typos can be in the form of wither grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. While the free version of Grammarly has functionalities limited to grammar and typos checks, its paid version comes with multiple features. These range from checking for plagiarism to helping the writer identify different and better ways of putting in words the same thoughts.

Grammarly really comes in handy for those writers who have a creative flair of thought and ideas, but struggle with sentence formation and structure. It is no surprise that a good essay is not only about the right research, data points and opinions. It is also about ensuring the right tense, sentence structure, etc, otherwise the whole meaning of the essay might go for a toss.

Grammarly helps ensure the latter part. This means that Grammarly helps its users understand what grammatical errors they have made and what would be the right usage in its place. Additionally, Grammarly actively segregates issues as critical, normal and suggestions to help the writer understand what requires immediate attention and what would be nice to have in the essay. Therefore, if you ever want to understand what grammatical errors you’ve made, just check your essay with Grammarly.

Small SEO Tools

Once the grammar of your essay is in place, you may want to work on its originality. Intentionally or not, if you check your essay for plagiarism, chances are that it may be violating the copyright limit. This is not to say that your essay has been copied or is not original. However, it might be true that from wherever you did your research, you simply used the same words.

While it is true that some words, in terms of definitions, statements, facts, etc need to be copied as it is, however, using the other content as it is, without any paraphrasing may be a wrong move. This is especially true if you are writing college essays. In case you submit an essay high on plagiarism, your application will receive immediate rejection without any further consideration.

To avoid such a situation, you may want to use essay help tools that check for plagiarism. There are a range of such tools available online. Small SEO tools, plagiarism check is one of the most promising. Invariably, most of the free plagiarism checking essay help tools available online have a word limit. In case your essay is beyond that word limit, you can break your essay in parts and use the tool.

Alternatively, you upgrade to a paid version without any limitation. Using plagiarism checking tools can help you avoid penalization that come with copyright infringement and ensure that you do not face any action. Additionally, avoiding plagiarism will always help you fetch better grades as originality ranks higher than plagiarism.


Next in line comes the essay help tool to organize one’s thoughts and ideas. We all know that it rarely happens that we sit with a pen and a paper to write an essay. Most of the writing happens on computers, laptops and smartphones today. Invariably, note making for your essays had to follow a similar route. It is seldom that you create notes on paper. Evernote is taking that role. You can use evernote not only to dump your ideas and thoughts while brainstorming and then pick the ones that are the most relevant. You can also use it to store, pictures, videos, etc that may go with your essay or add value to it.

This way you can use evernote as a repository of all your action points that come along the way you are writing an essay. It especially comes in handy when you have an instant insight about a point you could make and your document is not accessible at that very moment. Simply put your insight in evernote and access it later to add to your essay.


JSTOR is a college student’s best friend when it comes to writing well researched and data driven essays. Many view it as an online library of e-resources that students can access to enrich their essays for better grades. While most of the articles and resources available at JSTOR come at a price, in the form of membership fee, you may be able to access a handful free of charge. Most of the articles available at JSTOR come from peer reviewed journals, books, etc. Therefore, they are credible sources of information that one can easily quote and base the arguments on.

JSTOR contains readables on a wide range of topics and whatever the theme of your essay may be, there are thick chances that something around the same will be available for your reference. Using references from JSTOR will not only lend credibility to your essay, but it will also help you gain new insights about the topic that you may not initially have. Therefore, JSTOR is a great companion and definitely a trusted essay help tool for all students and scholars.


The final name in this list is an online assignment help platform that can help students carve out beautifully written essays. TutorBin offers essay writing services for students. Especially for those who are in a time crunch or need help in learning the best way to write an assignment. They have a fleet of global subject matter experts. These experts can assist students in creating impressive assignments that can improve their grades.

As opposed to other essay writing services, TutorBin’s objective is not to simply deliver to the students the essays as required. Rather, the team makes an effort to help students learn the art of essay writing. The objective is to enable them to undertake the same by themselves the next time. Therefore, TutorBin, as an essay help tool online helps students build essays and encourages them to master the skills too.

Essay Help Tools: What to do?

There are no two opinions that you should leverage the online essay help tools available. The idea is to make your essay more impressive and get better grades. Just make sure you don’t simply off shoulder your responsibility and sit back and relax. Rather, view these tools as an opportunity to not only build better essays. But to also build essay writing skills that will always come in handy in the long run. In case, you have an essay you are struggling with, simply write to us at We will bail you out.

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